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Product and Topic Expert


You’ve opened this page because you’re wondering about an error message in the "Service Implementation Wizard" after upgrading GWPA.


You’ve installed GWPA (SAP NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator) version 1 from update site [1].

You’ve recently learned that SP 01 is available for GWPA.

You’ve thought: "Cool" – or anything similar.

You’ve either

a) performed "Check for Updates" manually within Eclipse (see below)


b) configured Eclipse to "automatically find new updates" (see below).

You’ve upgraded your GWPA to SP 01.

You’ve started the "New"-Wizard.

You’ve expanded the Category "OData Development".

You’ve realized that there’s a new wizard available: "Service Implementation Project".

You’ve thought: "Cool, there’s something new – let’s try it…" (or similar).

You’ve clicked it.

You’ve received an error message:

No implementation environments. Either install an environment or create an environment

as described in the Help Content--> Extensibility--> Implementing a New Environment.

You’ve stared at it.

You’ve read it.

You’ve tried to understand it.

You’ve thought: "upps…" … or anything less polite…;-)

You’ve searched for a solution.

You’ve found it – here it is:


You should "install an environment".

You should go to "Help -> Install New Software" and select the GWPA-updatesite in order to "Work with".

You should mark the check box next to "Toolkit for Integration Gateway".

You should step through the wizard and restart Eclipse.

You should be able now to see the enabled "Service Implementation Wizard":

You should enjoy;-)


a) How to check if updates are available for your Eclipse

Within Eclipse main menu, go to "Help" and press "Check for Updates".

This will contact all update sites which are configured in  Eclipse and check if newer versions are available.

b) How to configure Eclipse to automatically find updates

Within Eclipse main menu, go to "Windows -> Preferences".

On the left panel, expand the node "Install/Update" and select "Automatic Updates".

On the right panel, mark the checkbox "Automatically find new updates".


[1] GWPA installation:

[2] GWPA update site to be entered in Eclipse:

[3] GWPA introduction:

[4] GWPA introduction:

Getting started with GWPA: Prerequisites for working with Gateway Productivity Accelerator

Getting started with GWPA: Eclipse Preparation

Getting started with GWPA: Eclipse Tips & Tips

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Yours ... Carlos