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If you've ever used a trial account on SAP Cloud Platform, chances are you've felt overwhelmed at some point. Perhaps it was all the new terms and concepts you had to familiarize yourself with, or maybe the many different links and resources where you could find information. It could be that you didn't know where to start and had no idea what your options were, or maybe you already had a use case in mind but were not sure how SAP Cloud Platform could be used to tackle it. Either way, you could've used some more guidance.

We want to make your trial experience as simple and as enjoyable as possible, which is why we've now completely redesigned the trial homepage in the cockpit, to provide you with more guidance and truly support you thoughout your onboarding experience.

1. Faster access to what matters

No more having to choose between Neo and Cloud Foundry. As a new trial user accessing the cockpit for the first time, you directly get a trial account in the Cloud Foundry environment that is all set up and ready to use. Access it simply by choosing the button Enter Your Trial Account.

In addition, you can now easily launch SAP Web IDE directly from your trial homepage.

If you're a Neo trial account user, don't worry - we didn't forget you! You can still access your existing Neo trial account from the Environments section on the homepage.

2. Starter scenarios showcasing the platform capabilities

Whether you have some use cases in mind or you just want to explore your possibilities on SAP Cloud Platform, our starter scenarios demonstrate how you can solve concrete business challenges using SAP Cloud Platform capabilities.

And if you cannot find what you're looking for here, you can easily access the Tutorial Navigator for the complete list of missions and tutorials.

3. Guided tours for learning the basics

If you are completely new to SAP Cloud Platform and the starter scenarios are a bit too complex, you can learn the basics using our guided tours. You can familiarize yourself with the cockpit, learn how to deploy your first app and create your first service instance, all without even having to leave the cockpit.

4. Enterprise-like domain model

In addition to all these, your trial account now uses the same domain model as the enterprise accounts. This means that if you decide to transition from a trial account to a paid one, your cockpit will look the same and you won't have to learn anything from scratch. You'll be all set and ready to go!

Still not convinced? Get a free SAP Cloud Platform trial account and see for yourself!