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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
At SAP TechEd, we received a lot of feedback about our new developer tutorials -- naturally, mostly positive 🙂 -- and we expect a lot more feedback as SAP TechEd Bangalore gets going this week. Based on your feedback, we've made a few improvements to the tutorials.

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Number of Results

Now you can see how many tutorials, groups and missions match your search, for example, if you search for SAP Cloud Platform, you'll get 9 missions, 34 groups, and 356 tutorials (as of when I published this blog).

Feedback Link

We've restored the feedback link for every tutorial, located under the side navigation panel.

The link takes you to our GitHub tutorial repository, where you need to sign into GitHub and then you can leave a comment about the tutorials. Comments are to let us know if there is a mistake, something is not clear, the software doesn't work as we describe it, or even a suggestion.

As always, if you have a more general question about SAP technology not specific to the tutorial, open a question at SAP Answers.

Navigating a Group of Tutorials

We've made it easier to navigate through tutorials that are part of a larger group or mission. If you open a tutorial that is part of only a single group or mission, you will automatically get links to easily navigate through the group or mission.

For example, you get a breadcrumb to navigate to the start of the group or mission that includes the current tutorial.

Click on Mission and you'll see the entire mission. Click on Group and you'll see the entire group.

When you finish a tutorial within a group, at the bottom you'll see a link to the next tutorial in the series, as well as links to the full group or mission that includes the current tutorial.

This was a comment we heard often from App Space developers at SAP TechEd, who wanted a quick link to go to the next tutorial.

Code Snippets

If a tutorial step has a code snippet, we indicate this with the symbol  in the side navigation panel, next to the step. You can navigate to the step to view the snippet.

You can also see all the code snippets included in a tutorial by going to the Code Snippets tab.

In addition to adding more and more tutorials and missions about the latest SAP technology, we hope to add many more capabilities to the tutorial system itself. If there's something you'll like to see, just add a comment below.