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At the end of October, we released a preview of the new SAP Support Portal.  We’re redesigning the site to make it simpler and easier to use. Part of this is making the portal look and feel similar to other SAP digital properties, like SAP Community Network and  Our hope is that with a familiar digital experience, our web sites will be easier for our customers to use. The new portal will also be optimized for mobile, allowing customers to access support anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Rest assured that our focus remains on ensuring we have a great desktop experience but also one that will allow you to use the site on a mobile device, when the need arises.

We are excited to announce we are entering our next stage of this initiative! There are two main themes in this latest release to the preview portal.

  • Customer influenced changes

  • Full content area releases for two of our sections: My Support & Tools

Customer influenced changes

As part of the SAP Support Portal preview, we ran a survey that was open to all visitors. The project team closely monitored the feedback, as well as comments from our previous SAP Community blog.

Much of the feedback was positive:

“It looks more user friendly from desktop and from mobile as well.”

“The landing page is less cluttered”

“Finally, clean and precise information design! Thanks!”

“Easier to handle from the previous version. And this one gives a feel of 'all at one place'.”

Some of the survey and blog comments were requests for additional search functionality from the new homepage, including:

  • the ability to display an SAP Note or KBA directly if the user’s search term is an SAP Note or KBA number (vs. seeing it listed in a search result list)

  • a wider search field

  • easier access to Expert Search from the Home page

Other comments related to the size of the homepage image and the ‘Top Task’ tiles, with customers asking us to reduce their sizes in order to fit more content above the fold on their screens.

We took this feedback very seriously and implemented all of those changes on our new homepage.

As a reminder, here was the before – the version customers commented about:

And here’s the after:

But we didn’t stop there.  Based on customer feedback, we also:

  • introduced unique ‘View Incidents’ tiles for SAP SuccessFactors incidents and on-premise incidents

  • removed the icons from the Community section

  • decreased the size of the images in the Features & Help section

  • reordered the sections on the Home page

  • reduced the spacing around content sections throughout the portal

As we continue to build out the rest of the new site, we remain focused on reducing image size, only providing imagery that adds value and reducing white space as much as possibly throughout.

Full content area releases for two of our sections: My Support & Tools

In addition to the homepage changes, we’ve also released full content sections under My Support and Tools, along with the top navigational entries for each.

As part of our initial release, we also received feedback that navigating the preview site was not as intuitive as some had expected. This was in part due to the phased release and a by-product of how the first phase of the preview site was released. We encourage you to explore the header (and in-page) navigation of the two newly released content areas and continue to provide us feedback.

My Support:


Within the pages of these two newly released content areas you will still encounter some links that bring you back to the current SAP Support Portal, this is expected until all of the new content areas are built out.

We appreciate all of the feedback submitted to date and look forward to receiving more. The survey remains open and is now accessible from a (dismissable) alert bar at the bottom of the preview site. Please use the survey, or the comments section below, to tell us what you think of these new content areas and customer influenced changes.