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Greetings from SAP TechEd Las Vegas! This year whole event is rocked by SAP in-memory message and SAP HANA product presentations. Every time there is a massive flood of information like here, it's becoming difficult to separate reality from marketing attack. The only way to face the reality than is to experience it by yourself, and therefore I was really pleased to hear about the new SAP microsite called "Experience SAP HANA". Our community members have been asking for a while about a chance to work with SAP HANA tools, either through the trial software or the cloud, so I immediately went to to register (if you do the same - make sure you read Terms before agreeing to them) and experience it by myself.

First contact with this microsite was a bit confusing. The space called "Try" on the site offers " get an overview, try simple SAP HANA demo online and review training videos and implementation guidelines to get themselves ready for SAP HANA." Not quite what I expected from "try", but I do not want to jump to conclusions too quickly. Let's give it some time to mature, and in the meantime further explore what is available there. Although the question why that content and forums are not part of SCN keeps bothering me.

So, non-virtual events like TechEd remain the way to experience SAP HANA. And here - based on the current experience from event in Las Vegas - the choice is Ifhuge and I should take this chance to complement SAP event team and thank them.

1/ SAP InnoJam

Those who participated in pre-conference event called InnoJam, got 30 hours access to code their solution using the newest bits from SAP including SAP HANA 1.0 SPS2 Revision 16, SAP LT Replicator, as well as SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP2.

If you want to participate in future InnoJams, make sure you check: and see how much fun we had this time in this video.

2/ Hands-on sessions

SAP prepared five hands-on sessions to practice different aspects of SAP HANA, which will be available on other regional TechEd events as well:

  • BI265 - Best Practices for SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0
  • EIM265 SAP HANA Data Provisioning
  • EIM162 Building Simple Data Models with SAP HANA
  • ALM278 SAP HANA Appliance Operations Best Practices
  • EIM360 Building Advanced Data Models with SAP HANA

3/ HANA Experience Center

And this is really cool stuff!! I found amazing that still many TechEd attendies are not aware of! So, if you are in Las Vegas right now, make sure you do not miss SAP HANA Experience Center located in the Technology Innovation Zone of the Clubhouse. SAP together with all HANA hardware partners and Intel prepared 5 interactive stations with live systems to experience, while seeing lights blinking on the near-by HANA servers:

  1. SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 powered by SAP HANA: Database migration from any DB to SAP HANA database, Table structures and in-memory optimized objects, Simplified persistency management
  2. SAP HANA Data Management: SBO Data Services, LT replication services, SAP HANA data modeling environment
  3. Application Development with SAP HANA: ABAP applications for SAP HANA, JAVA applications for SAP HANA, Analytic applications for SAP HANA, SAP HANA database features for application development
  4. SAP HANA Applications: S&OP, Dynamic Cash Management, Smart Meter Analytics, etc
  5. Administration and Operations: Start, stop and recover systems, Configure and monitor, Trace and log files, Maintain users, roles and privileges

And as a bonus in the same experience center Intel engineers can explain how SAP HANA is optimized for Intel Xeon E7 processors using chip-level features.

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