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Most of you will have heard by now that the classic model of SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS classic) has been deprecated with the latest release of SAP HANA, 2.0 SPS 02, July 2017.

We covered this in our What's New blog


For those familiar with the XS architecture, if will be obvious that this deprecation also impacts the SAP HANA Repository and SAP HANA studio as development environment for XS classic artifacts.

However, from the questions that come up in different fora and Q&A zones, I distill that not everyone is crystal clear on this topic.

So, let's do a little quiz!


All questions, answers, and examples described in this exam quiz
are fictitious. No identification with actual examinations
(current or retired), certifications, and sample questions
is intended or should be inferred.

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No animals were harmed in the making of this quiz.

Copyright © (2017) (SAP HANA Academy). All rights reserved.


If you are interested in the real thing, see



Question 1


Your administrator provides you with the URL for a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) for the development of SAP HANA-based applications comprised of web-based or mobile UIs, business logic, and extensive SAP HANA data models.

You click the URL and log on with the provided credentials.

The following web application displays:


What web application is this?

  1. SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

  2. SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench

  3. SAP Web Application Toolkit (WATT)

  4. SAP Web IDE Personal Edition



Question 2

Up and Running

You are an administrator for a company that develops native applications for SAP HANA. A developer calls you and informs you that she cannot connect to the web IDE.

How can you quickly verify that XS is up and running?

  1. Start a browser and open URL: https://<host>:3<instance number>30

  2. Connect to the HANA server with the SAP HANA cockpit for offline administration, open System Operations and check the status of the xs service.

  3. Start a browser and open URL: http://<host>:80<instance number>

  4. Use the xs ping command : $ xs ping <server name>



Question 3


You just created an instance of SAP HANA, express edition from the solution template in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Between curly brackets {

in case you want to know how you can do this, see


In a browser, you access the controller page for XSA (see question 2) and click the webide URL to open SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. A Log On page appears for SAP HANA XS Advanced.

You use the XSA administrator credentials [ XSA_ADMIN ] with the password set when you created the solutiion instance but after logon a blank page appears with message: Forbidden.



What could be the cause of this?

  1. You used the wrong account. The XSA_ADMIN is not a default account. You can use the SAP HANA database administration account SYSTEM.

  2. You used the wrong account. Out-of-the-box, XSA_ADMIN does not have access to the Web IDE. Use any account that has the DEVX_DEVELOPER role collection (and granted Developer access to a space). For SAP HANA, express edition as CAL solution, you can use the XSA_DEV user, for example.

  3. You used the wrong account. By default, XSA_ADMIN can only access the XSA Administration application and needs to be granted access to the web IDE. Use HANA studio to grant the sap.hana.ide.roles::Developer role to XSA_ADMIN

  4. Nothing. You did everything right but accessed the web IDE outside of office hours when access is forbidden. Make sure that the SAP HANA server is configured for your time zone or request your administrator to set xsa=24x7 in the xscontroller.ini file.



Question 4


You just read SAP Note 2465027 - Deprecation of SAP HANA extended application services, classic model and SAP HANA Reposito... and want to migrate an XS classic model application to XS advanced model.

What is the easiest way to do this?

  1. You study the SAP HANA XS Advanced Migration Guide to properly prepare artifacts and source system for migration and then run the XS Advanced Migration Assistant to convert your XS classic application to XS advanced.

  2. First, you export your applications as a package using the File > Export... menu in SAP HANA studio, development perspective. Next, you import the package using the File > Import from File System menu from the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA.

  3. You use the Online Migration Assistant (OMA) service of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

  4. Add the EGit (Git Intergration for Eclipse) plugin to the SAP HANA studio and configure it to use the same github account as the one you use for SAP WebIDE for SAP HANA. This enables you to pull XS classic applications into the WebIDE which are then automatically upgraded as XS advanced model is a superset of the classic model.



Question 5

503 Service Not Available

The message 503 Service Not Available is displayed when you open the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA.

What could be the cause of this?

503 Service Not Available


Mutiple answers are possible, choose the most appropriate one.

  1. The SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA is just starting up. Try again some time later (for example 30 seconds).

  2. The number of server threads is too low which causes additional HTTP requests to this URL to receive the 503 HTTP error response. Set the FCAServerThreadCount property to a higher value using the Config Tool.

  3. The SAP Web IDE service is not enabled in the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit (menu Services: DevOps). You need to enable this service in order to access the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA application.

  4. Generally, this error occurs if the application pool that is associated with the web application doesn't start. Common reasons are an invalid identity, insufficient security rights, or because the pool is enabled for 32-bit applications.



Did You Pass?

25 Points

Awesome. XS A level. You are XS advanced and on your way creating beautiful apps.

20 Points

Not bad at all. Well done. Ready for the real exam?

15 Points

Great job. XS C level. You have focussed enough on the classics and now is a good time to start with the more XS advanced material.

10 Points

Well done. Hey, we can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. Keep on truckin'!

5 Points

Sure, you passed. The important thing is not winning but taking part.


Thank you all for participating. Keep up the good work and if you have some spare time, contribute to the community with Blogs and Answers.


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