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For the 5th consecutive year myself, together with Holger Schweinfurth will be hosting a workshop focused on how business processes can me modeled by utilities once an Advanced Metering Infrastructure is in place. From the moment it starts, with a subset of points of delivery covered, until the full smart metering roll-out gets completed.

In this Workshop, we will address multiple aspects that are fundamental for a utility to define the best approach to the business process re-engineering that results from the new possibilities that smart meters offer to utilities and to the overall stakeholders of the industry, in particular, its customers.

On a daily basis we are asked to advise our SAP customers on key questions that we will be addressing in our workshop.

Key topics we will be covering include:

• Alternatives for Reference Architectures

• The SAP MDUS Concept

• Master Data Model and Enhancements

• Integration Concepts and Data Volumes

• Meter Asset LifeCycle and Commissioning

• Communication of Meter Readings

• Processing of Events • Disconnection/Reconnection

• Energy Settlement on HANA

• Critical Peak Pricing and Support to Demand Response

• Architectures for Liberalized Energy Markets

• Smart meter planning and roll-out

We will be sharing with the audience our insights from our daily engagements with the industry on what are the possible approaches for different market participants like Distributors, Meter Reading Operators, Clearing Houses or Retailers that should be taken leveraging SAP for Utilities and coping with the regulatory and market requirements that each participant needs to meet to comply and/or to compete.

Workshop 4 Smart Metering with SAP - Optimizing Processes for Efficient and Customer-Centric Operations will take place on Monday, April 11, 2016 from 9:30 to 13:00.

I look forward to meet you in all in this Workshop and at the International SAP Conference for Utilities.

Miguel Gaspar Silva

P.S. Stay tuned for more details, and remember to sign up for the conference! To get regular updates, follow us on Twitter SAP Industries #SAPUtilities.

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