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This document is intended to Partners / Developers who are working with Software Development Kit ( SDK ) and making changes to the solution while upgrade is planned/ Scheduled.

Please note that once your Test system is upgraded you cannot upload or deploy a patch/ solution to production tenant as the test tenant is upgraded to the next release and the production tenant is still in the same old release.

What Happens if you try to do ?

You will receive error messages while trying to deploy the patch version from test system[Release Version 2] to production system[Release Version 1].

Please note that these may vary , for example

  • Upload Failed.
  • Release SAP_LEAP  of solution is not compatible with the system. The upload to the repository failed.

Cause :

You cannot deploy a solution to a target tenant which is in a different release version. If you have created and deployed the solution in 1602 release and trying to deploy to production system which is still in 1511 release and not upgraded to 1602.

Please note that the versions of both - Source tenant and Target tenant should be same then only system will allow you to deploy the solution.

What can be done?

In this scenario you should wait until the production system get upgraded to same release as test system

Currently there is no other way to deploy the patch to the production system.

You can refer to the below SCN link if you want to know how to use the Production Fix feature in case you want to make direct ABSL code changes in such scenario.

Production Bug Feature for Deployed Solutions in Production Tenant And the Associated Errors