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   SAP B2B Add-on comes up with standard X12 message content for various message types .The standard message content(for e.g: 945 message of 004010) will not suit for all the customer needs. There could be cases, where the converted XML payload deviates from the expected output xml.

     In this blog, I would be explaining the step-by-step procedure required for creating and configuring the customized ANSI X12 messages.


  •   You should be on the latest patch of the   B2B TOOLKIT 1.0: "PIB2BTOOLKIT04" (SP-level #04)

Step 1:

       As mentioned in the  note #2205708 ,Change the property value of the "x12.loop.allowduplicates" to true


Step 2 :

         Select the version, transaction set and click on Copy Control Key button


  •   Enter the required fields



Step 3:


        You need to edit the newly copied control key as per your needs.

In this particular example, i would be adding a new segment (W12) after N9 segment inside the loop L_300.



  •     Change the values mentioned for the field Max Occurrence and Mandatory as per your need.

  •      After the editing is done, You can compare the newly created message using the Compare Messages screen.

Step 4:

  You can test this message using Convert Ansi.X12 to XML tool. Make sure you select the new Control Key while converting the payload as shown below.


Step 5:

   Add a new entry in the Control Key Scenario Association Table .

   Note : At least one value should be different than .* for the newly added scenario association entry. Otherwise,it will cause failures for the existing scenarios.




Step 6:

      In case if you are using TPM Agreements for the conversion,

  •       In the Partners screen, Add the new message for that particular partner as shown below


  •      In Agreement screen,choose the newly added message


   With these steps, You should be able to create and run scenarios for customized payloads.


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