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SAP Cloud Platform Workflow and SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules are now generally available on AWS (Frankfurt) in the Cloud Foundry environment, following the multi-cloud strategy of SAP Cloud Platform.

The services are available in the Service Marketplace in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

With this blog post, we want to address some frequent questions related to the availability on Cloud Foundry.


How do I enable the services in Cloud Foundry?

First, to enable the service in cloud, you need to assign Entitlement to the respective services in your sub-account

Second, to provision the service for use, you need to create the service instance and assign necessary roles.

See the service documentation for Workflow and Business Rules for more details.

Is there any difference to the Neo versions?

The core Workflow and Business Rules functionality is the same in both environments.
However, certain platform aspects like configuration, user management and authentication will be different.
Workflow now supports the MTA (Multi-Targeted Application) concept for lifecycle management.
This means, that Workflow content can now be packaged and deployed together with other development artifacts like SAPUI5 applications, Java applications or integration flows.

Please note that for Workflow development, you still need a Neo sub-account for hosting the SAP
Web IDE.

How do I migrate content from Neo to Cloud Foundry?

For Business Rules, the rules project can simply be exported and imported using the Business Rules app.

For Workflow, projects have to be migrated to a MTA (Multi-Targeted Application) module. For details, please refer to the migration guide.

Please also check the overall guidance for adapting applications from Neo to Cloud Foundry.

What about other AWS regions?

Roll-out of the services to additional regions is planned for the upcoming months.
Check the Regions page for updates.

Where can I find more information on the services?

Check out the official product page and the linked resources.


Are the services available in the developer trial version of Cloud Foundry?

SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules is already available in the Cloud Foundry trial.
For SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, this is planned for later this year.
Until then, you can already try it out in the Neo Trial environment.