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Product and Topic Expert
SAP Signavio Process Navigator now part of the SAP Signavio product family!

As described in my previous blog, SAP has recently announced the availability of Process Navigator by SAP. What you might not know yet, is that Process Navigator has just become a member of the SAP Signavio product family and is now SAP Signavio Process Navigator. 

In this blog, I’d like to explain what SAP Signavio Process Navigator is about, where it will sit within the SAP Signavio portfolio and how it further enriches SAP Signavio’s value accelerators proposition, joining forces with SAP Signavio Process Explorer. 

 What is SAP Signavio Process Navigator? 

SAP Signavio Process Navigator is a cloud native service providing insights and best practices into SAP’s process portfolio. Built on the Enterprise Architecture methodology data model, this new service can be accessed via  SAP for Me and provides innumerable resources such as process models, process documentation, process related implementation accelerators, as well as process related context data including solution components, roles, integration automation information, and much more.  

How does SAP Signavio Process Navigator fit into SAP Signavio? 

SAP Signavio Process Navigator is by nature a great fit to the SAP Signavio proposition. For quite some time we have been investing in developing best practices and value accelerators that speed up time to value for customers and that can be accessed and explored via SAP Signavio Process Explorer. By adding Process Navigator to our portfolio, we align the value accelerators delivery behind one common strategy, with the vision to provide our customers with an ever more consistent and complete user experience across all use cases. 

How does SAP Signavio Process Navigator relate to SAP Signavio Process Explorer and what does it bring to the table that is new?  

While SAP Signavio Process Navigator and Explorer both provide assets and best practices that help accelerate time to value for SAP implementation and business transformations, still the two solutions offer a different and complementary scope, which ultimately makes them the perfect couple. 

SAP Signavio Process Explorer has a system-independent approach (provides both SAP and non-SAP best practices) and aims to guide customers all along the transformation journey. If you want to understand the big picture, if you want to get guidance throughout your transformation from design to implementation and comprehend how content, methodology and tools fit together, then SAP Signavio Process Explorer will provide you the right answers. 

SAP Signavio Process Navigator complements by focusing on value accelerators for SAP products and how we can help customers implement the SAP portfolio. It provides details on solution process design, localizations and implementation assets that enrich and are the perfect match to all content already available within SAP Signavio Process Explorer.  

We can think of SAP Signavio Process Explorer and SAP Signavio Process Navigator as a “T” shape, where SAP Signavio Process Explorer is high-level and horizontal (it guides you on your end-to-end transformation) and SAP Signavio Process Navigator is the vertical line; it helps you dig deep into all process and deployment details further accelerating the time to action and time to value of your SAP implementation. 

How are the two solutions working together? What are typical use cases? 

Let’s take for example an automotive manufacturer struggling to complete customer orders on time and willing to improve its lead-to-cash process. With SAP Signavio Process Explorer, the company has access to value accelerators such as best-practice process models for Lead-to-Cash specific to the automotive industry. With these models at hand, they can challenge their own process landscape, find inspiration, identify standardization opportunities, and redesign the process based on the automotive industry's best practices in a ready-to-use SAP Signavio environment. Furthermore, they can identify the right SAP solutions to transform the process and address their order management challenge. Now that the big picture is clear and direction is set, SAP Signavio Process Navigator can help this manufacturer make this vision actionable: accurately define the solution range, navigate into details of solution scenarios and solution processes and provide details of what SAP can deliver. 

As a second example, let’s now imagine an apparel retailer that is dealing with frequent supply disruption, stockout issues and has decided to implement SAP S/4HANA. ​ Where should they start, and which innovation paths should they follow? The retailer can use SAP Signavio Process Explorer together with SAP Signavio Process Insights and find the guidance they need:  They can analyze their current process execution (SAP Signavio Process Insights), compare their “as is” processes to best practice process and set clear goals and priorities in transformation (SAP Signavio Process Explorer)​. Then, SAP Signavio Process Navigator can help them define required solution components, understand available localizations and requirements by country, support fit to standard workshops using solution process diagrams, test scripts, process descriptions, organizational and master data overviews, information about available applications and configuration UIs. Once deployment is completed, process performance can constantly be monitored via SAP Signavio Process Explorer and SAP Signavio Process Insights’ value accelerators establishing a continuous improvement loop. 

Do SAP Signavio Process Explorer and Navigator target different roles? 

Transformations are always interdisciplinary, and any role can benefit both from SAP Signavio Process Explorer and SAP Signavio Process Navigator. Yet, we can say that SAP Signavio Process Explorer provides more of a business flavor and is ideal for business and process owners and enterprise architects that need to trigger a transformation and define the end-to-end trajectory of their transformation programs. SAP Signavio Process Navigator has more of an IT flavor and delivers all the technical details and insights enabling IT users to drive implementation projects. 

By adding SAP Signavio Process Navigator to the SAP Signavio family, we further connect these two realms (IT and business) bringing them ever closer together. 

In summary, what are the top three benefits for our customers? 

  • SAP Signavio Process Navigator brings to the table deep insights into solution process design, localizations and implementation assets that further extend SAP Signavio value accelerators offer and the scope of SAP Signavio Process Explorer   

  • With their respective IT and business focus, SAP Signavio Process Navigator and SAP Signavio Process Explorer help bridge the typical gap between IT and the business  

  • Bringing SAP Signavio Process Navigator and SAP Signavio Process Explorer under the same proposition and value accelerator delivery strategy will ensure a contiguous and harmonized experience for our customers  

To know more, start exploring SAP Signavio Process Navigator and SAP Signavio Process Explorer, all you need is a SAP registered user. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or shoot your question in the chat, our team will come back to you promptly.