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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
To foster partner driven innovations amid a global pandemic, SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) North America, in cooperation with SAP IRPA and Ariba product team and SAP Procurement Partner Programs, delivered a successful hackathon on Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) for SAP Ariba for solution integration partners in North America from Dec. 4 -11, 2020.

More than 70 participants representing 12 partners joined this week-long #Hack2Build virtual event. The partners were organized into 7 teams with a mission to address a specific real customer use case using SAP IRPA and Ariba.  All teams were passionate about building automation solutions for real business pain point in procurement line of business.

Introducing the Judge Team

With so many participating teams, it’s critical to have a strong judge team to evaluate the results and pick up the winner. We were lucky to have a judge team well represented by our customers and SAP business and product leads. Along with leaders of COIL, SAP product and CoE teams, we were delighted to have PepsiCo and Ford Motor represented in the judge team.  A big thank you to Rudi, Balaji, Michael, Richard, and Servio for providing valuable insights on what’s most valuable with SAP IRPA in their procurement businesses and helping us pick winning solutions.


Let’s Meet the Winners

The hackathon spread across 8 days. All the seven teams worked hard day in day out on building a prototype for their selected use case, with strong engineering guidance and support from SAP IRPA and Ariba product team during the building phase. After a week’s hacking, seven partner teams presented their solutions in a 4 hour long demo jam on the final day, Dec. 11.

Since all the teams delivered amazing solutions with very appealing business values, the judges really had a hard time picking winners from the seven teams. After an intensive discussion among the judges, three winners were announced.  All winners will have the opportunity to build their solutions with SAP at COIL in a long-term cooperation.

Team TCS emerged as the Winner with their prototype for driving touchless non-PO invoicing using IRPA.  Congratulations to Pranay, Nitin, Jothivel, Ruchika, and Justin. We look forward to working with you to build up the solution together at COIL and make it available to our customers.


Non-PO invoices are used where an invoice is submitted by the supplier against a supply that does not refer to a certain purchase order. It’s hard to process these invoices in the invoices lack key information such as requester, contract details…. TCS Team came up with an iRPA bot to resolve this problem. The bot can update missing information, review the list of exceptions and handle most exceptions. The bot will reduce the invoice processing time by 60% and decrease invoice posting errors by 80%. For medium to large size organizations, it can bring an annual savings of 0.5-2 Million USD which has a great commercial value.

Our judges found this solution readily applicable to many of our customers’ procurement line of business with large cost saving potential.  Please feel free to reach out to if you would like to learn more about the team and the solution.


Team PwC won the runner-up place for automating contract publishing process with SAP IRPA.  Congratulations to Gurminder, Rajiv, Kuntal, Alex, Armando, and Samuel. You delivered a robust prototype to a very real business pain point. Delivery of an incredibly valuable iRPA solution within a week is an achievement for all of us to be proud of.


A contract workspace is not automatically published for use upon obtaining signature on the final document causing cycle time delays and burden of multiple clicks either by the contract owner or business user. PwC Team created the Ariba Contract Automation Bot to implement auto-alignment of contract workspace name and automated contract workspace publishing. The estimated average time spends per contract is 5-10 minutes, with 8-10 user clicks. Customers using Ariba Contracts can benefit a lot from the bot by getting rid of business process outsourcing and reduce manual intervention in contract management. The average annual cost savings per FTE will be 25K-40K USD! Amazing value. Please feel free to get in touch with or reach out to the team directly via the contact data provided above for more information.



Team Capgemini was selected the 3rd place for using IRPA bots to create requisitions in Ariba from chat bot and email attachments. Congratulations to Subin, Sanjeev, Abhishek, Jayesh, Kushagra, and Corey for the great work.


Capgemini Team developed IRPA bots to create requisitions in Ariba from chatbot or email attachments. Bots can capture the desired information and prepare requisition for the user and send it to Ariba and then to ERP for Order generation. After that, the bot will send requisition details to the user via email and send the PO to the supplier. Finally delivering the order to the user after the supplier processes the order. Assuming the yearly transaction is 10000 and cost $200 per hour for resource, 40 minutes for each transaction, the company can save $2.33M in 10 years!  For more information, please feel free to get in touch with or reach out to the team directly via the contact data provided above for more information.


Thank all the partners who participated in the hackathon.  A big shout out to all the teams who presented very impressive solutions with bots in the demo jam:  Team Deloitte - catalog item check Bot; Team HCL: open PO migration Bot;  Team Infosys: Ariba contract localization Bot; Team NTT and Itelligence: image recognition and invoice creation Bot.


A Big Thank You

It would not be possible to have this hackathon delivered successfully without the support from many teams inside and outside SAP. A big Thank You to Jiayi Wang and all of those who supported Jiayi from initiation, preparation, to execution of this amazing event, and we want to call out a few colleagues here. Sathya Narasimhan, Marion Ogrodowski, Steven Jacobson, Max McPhee, Sean McGann, Rosa Orihuela, Adina Dan, Jason Brown, Jenna Schroeder, Lisa Bianco, Nikhil Kamat, Padmini Ranganathan, Miliau Pape, Vasanth Kumar, Raghuvira Bhagavan, Winston Khoo, Stan Arnbrister, Naveed Qureshi, Xiaoyue Chen, Reeman Ansari, and many others. Thank you for your excellent support in various phases of the hackathon. We certainly couldn’t have it done without your leadership, domain expertise, and dedication to the success of SAP and our ecosystem.
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