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Hi everyone,

we prepared a Quiz for testing your knowledge on our AI Business Services some weeks ago - and the time has come: the submission for the Quiz Challenge is now closed.

Thank you all for joining our AI Business Quiz Challenge and your participation in the last weeks! It looks like you know already a low about the Services and how AI can improve business processes. You did very well in the challenge and we hope you had fun with it!

Announcing now the winners of the challenge - Congratulations to you all!


The winners are ...































Well done, everybody!



The Correct Answers to the Quiz are the following:


I – The SAP AI Business Services are…

  1. [X] A portfolio of reusable AI microservices on the SAP Business Technology Platform

  2. [ ] A fiori-application available on the SAP Business Technology Platform

  3. [ ] A blueprint for building your own AI models on the SAP Business Technology Platform

  4. [ ] A set of consulting services for AI applications

II – The SAP AI Business Services solve a certain business problem with the capabilities of machine learning models that can be part of many different business processes.

  1. [X] True

  2. [ ] False

III – Business Document Processing…

  1. [ ] Is one service of the SAP AI Business Services portfolio

  2. [X] Is a service bundle consisting of: Document Information Extraction, Document Classification, Business Entity Recognition

  3. [ ] Is a portfolio similar to the SAP AI Business Services, but not using AI

IV – Document Information Extraction…

  1. [ ] Helps to manage your master data

  2. [ ] Classifies incoming service tickets

  3. [ ] Extracts named entities from emails

  4. [X] Extracts line items from pdfs

V – Which service fits the best for Master Data Management?

  1. [ ] Document Information Extraction

  2. [X] Data Attribute Recommendation

  3. [ ] Document Classification

  4. [ ] Business Entity Recognition

VI – SAP AI Business Services can be consumed… (2 correct options)

  1. [X] With CPEA on SAP BTP

  2. [X] On the SAP Store

  3. [ ] Only via existing on-premise ERP

  4. [ ] Bought as a CD ROM in the onsite store in Walldorf

VII – Combining several SAP AI Business Services…

  1. [ ] Doesn’t make sense as they do not fit together

  2. [X] Is the best idea for automating whole processes

  3. [ ] Is only possible with the shared service framework

VIII – Automation of processes with SAP AI Business Services leads to…

  1. [X] Less repetitive and more strategic tasks for employees

  2. [ ] Higher expenses for the same task, as the employee must correct a lot

  3. [ ] Slower answers to customers due to long processing times of the ML model

  4. [ ] Many errors occurring in the process

IX – In order to get started with the SAP AI Business Services…

  1. [ ] You need to have a Data Scientist in your team

  2. [ ] You need to request the use from the support team on SAP Community

  3. [X] You can directly purchase the Business Services via SAP BTP and get started implementing it in your processes

X – An employee who is working in the accounts payable department, who needs to find the right general ledger account and which cost center is the most applicable for the incoming invoices without reference document, could use help of Service Ticket Intelligence which recommends the best matching general ledger and cost center options.

  1. [ ] True

  2. [X] False

XI – Service Ticket Intelligence … (2 correct options)

  1. [X] Classifies service tickets

  2. [X] Recommends answers for the tickets based on historical data

  3. [ ] Answers automatically to customers issues, no need for human interaction

  4. [ ] Uses interaction data of the customer to generate the best solution

XII – Document Information Extraction… (3 correct options)

  1. [X] Extracts header fields and line items

  2. [X] Uses the OCR technology

  3. [X] Can be used for invoices and payment advices

  4. [ ] Classifies service tickets

XIII – The Business Document Processing services… (2 correct options)

  1. [X] Offers out-of-the-box automation

  2. [ ] Are only available integrated in SAP S/4HANA

  3. [X] Are focused on improving the efficiency of employees

XIV – Which features are part of Service Ticket Intelligence? (3 correct options)

  1. [X] Ticket Classification

  2. [ ] Ticket Routing

  3. [X] Similar Ticket Recommendation

  4. [ ] Time to Completion Estimation

  5. [X] Priority Detection

XV – What are the benefits of Document Classification? (3 correct options)

  1. [ ] Faster processing of invoices only.

  2. [ ] Easier extraction of information from documents.

  3. [X] Reduction in manual work.

  4. [X] Higher efficiency of employees and possibility to enable teams to focus on strategic tasks.

  5. [X] Faster processing of documents with fewer errors.

XVI – Which benefits does Business Entity Recognition bring to Shared Service Center automation?

  1. [ ] It answers incoming requests without human interaction.

  2. [X] It automatically detects named entities to help service center agents process incoming requests faster.

  3. [ ] It detects emails with attachments and extracts information from these attachments.

  4. [ ] It automatically routes incoming requests to the correct processor.

XVII – Which of the following problems can be simplified and automated with the help of Business Entity Recognition?

  1. [ ] Companies receive a significant amount of customer inquiries that need to be classified.

  2. [ ] Companies have too much data and cannot distinguish between data that is valuable and data that is not.

  3. [X] People receive a significant number of emails every day from which they have to understand and extract the important details.

  4. [ ] People receive many documents attached to emails from which information needs to be extracted for further processing.