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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Devil’s Advocate: Why TechEd?

Me: Of course, it’s the largest technical education event hosted by SAP to make sure our ecosystem of partners, customers can touch, feel, learn and use many products of SAP!


Devil’s Advocate: Ok, so how does this still help me?

Me: If you are a developer, architect, administrator, consultant, decision maker, business process expert, CIO/CTO, product manager, User interface designer or any other role there is something for you in Sap TechEd 2017.


Devil’s Advocate: Ok, so what’s new about TechEd 2017?

Me: So, you didn’t read idit.herzog blog


moya.watson blog yet!

Pulling a snapshot from it…

This year at SAP TechEd, Themes are the new Tracks. There are five themes tying together SAP products and thereby all SAP TechEd session content:

  • Know

  • Run

  • Transform

  • Unlock Big Data

  • Engage

Mobile joins together with Technology, Application and Innovation Experience in the Engage Theme. This theme focusses on bringing to you all that you need to design, prototype, develop, and mobilize the digital experience. 


xevil’s Advocate: Hmm…this is intriguing! I want to know more about the Engage Theme.

Me: Then you should definitely read peter.spielvogel blog on “SAP UX sessions at TechEd Las Vegas 2017” 


Not to miss jitendrakumar.kansal blog on all sessions on the sub theme “Mobile Experience with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, including SAP Fiori for iOS


If you would like to know more than check the full session catalog here


xxvil’s An Advocate: Wow that’s more than 80 sessions! I was there last year in track “Mobile Solution development”, how is Mobile Experience different from it?

Me: Very good question! J This year we’ve introduced a new session type called “Design Thinking” which will be a setup in a room where you bring your own device. For a 2 hour period you will learn from our SAP design experts how we along with Apple design experts are helping our customers to understand their user scenarios and helping them in Designing a Role-Based App for Business Users with SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language

Additionally, we have a special showfloor setup talking about the success stories of the SAP Apple Partnership. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the SAP and Apple experts to learn about “Enterprise, Customer & Partner Apps” built using the SAP CP SDK for iOS, “Innovate with Mobile” and “User Experience & Development” focusing on the Fiori for iOS design language.

And of course for the first time we would be giving you hands-on sessions on the new metadata-driven tool Mobile Development Kit (aka SAP Enterprise App Modeler) built on top of the SAP CP SDK for iOS. This would be particular interests to Business Experts who know some bit of technology and loads of functional knowledge a capability to build metadata-based applications very quickly.

But if you are a developer or an architect learning swift, but still not got an opportunity to put your hands onto the new SAP CP SDK for iOS then this is the perfect place to be in! We’ve 6 unique sessions for you to attend with a taste of the SAP delivered applications using this technology as well.

And for the CIO/CTO’s who are in the transformation from on-premise to the on cloud we also have a special session on how to build your Road Map to the Cloud – Moving On-Premise Mobile Solutions to the Cloud showcasing a real customer scenario which you hear from the customer directly andgerhard.henig in Las Vegas!


xxxxl’s Ange Advocate: How about sessions on SDK’s to build hybrid applications, offline features and security topics? These were really useful last year to implement our customer projects!

Me: Good that you asked, of course seeing the last year’s demand it made more sense to create a dedicated 4 hour hands-on session on Deep-dive into Offline, Security and Debugging Mobile Services” irrespective of the SDK used and again hands-on sessions focusing on the SAP Mobile Kapsel SDK and mobilizing a fiori application. This is not all, you’ll also get to know about the future priorities of SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services and its SDK’s, roadmaps on SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Cloud Platform mobile services for SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Services for app and device management too!


Angel’s Advocate: This is super! I’m now totally converted and I’ll be there! How do I additionally get a snapshot of the most important sessions in the Ux/Engage Theme?

Me: Great, hope to see you there! I’ll definitely meet you if you come to TechEd Bangalore from 25th to 27th October and you get to meet martingrasshoff, michael.jess, nagesh.caparthy2, chris.jobsonprakalp.phadnis and many more. Now there is another chance next week for you to meet us and sami.lechner, sanjeet.mall, andreas.schlosser, jitendrakumar.kansal, lnoens from 14th to 16th November at TechEd Barcelona!

This year you have some sample agenda’s available at “UX Highlights/latest news”, do check the others too!

Join us for a fun evening at SAP TechEd Barcelona on Tuesday, November 14th! Explore the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and get hands-on experience by connecting it to our ‘IoT-enabled kegerator'. Register here.



Finally, if you can’t be there in person (or even if you can), you can get involved online by following @sapcp and @SAPMobile on Twitter and interacting with us there, contributing your own impressions on the SAP Community, and watching the keynotes and selected live sessions, which you will be able to stream from the TechEd web site almost as if you were there.

SAP TechEd Season starts in Las Vegas, September 25-29, and while we hope this blog has given you an idea about what to expect, it’s always best to come ready to expect the unexpected.