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Why have I not received any email for my trial registration?

What is the user name or password for my HANA box?

How do I connect to HANA trial sandbox?

Apparently, these are the most frequent questions that come to the dev center support inbox. It seems that a lot of people got confused with the latest offering from HANA Developer Center for 30 days trial. So, let me try to recap what we are offering today as a complement for this Get 30 days of free access to SAP HANA, developer edition document.

The 30 days trial now offers a dedicated, personal HANA box with a Windows 7 desktop client provided by our provider Cloudshare. Registration is now fully self-service, which means there is no more email from SAP with the credentials like the previous trial offering. Everyone will have the same credentials:

  • Server: hanacloud
  • System No: 00
  • User: SYSTEM
  • Password: manager (change this immediately, or your trial environment will not be secure)

If you prefer to work from your local machine, you can download the studio and client from the HANA Dev Center homepage. It's free, no catch, trust me !! :smile: .

In order to connect your studio to your HANA box, you need to login to Cloudshare and activate your environment, and then you will see a dashboard like the following, please notice that your server hostname in the red box. Unfortunately, this might change dynamically everytime you start your environment, so you need to pay attention to it.

Since this is a UNIX machine with SUSE Linux, you can ssh directly into it by using root user with the password provided by Cloudshare (click "show password" hyperlink to unveil your password).

I hope this helps. Still confused, puzzled, or curious about it?? --> to the rescue!!

The SAP Developer Experience Team

~ Making the impossible, possible ~