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Product and Topic Expert
Today, enterprises must understand, improve, and transform their business processes – fast and at scale. Therefore, managing the processes, including people, data, and capabilities, is the key to a successful business process transformation. But one part is frequently underestimated: Enterprise Architecture - an enterprise's applications, technology, and infrastructure.

This blog post will explain why bringing the business process and IT architecture perspectives together benefits you, how it can accelerate your business transformation and how SAP and LeanIX integration can support you on this journey.


Why bring the business process and IT architecture?

Visibility into enterprise architecture is a critical ingredient at any stage of a transformation journey, especially when paired with visibility into the end-to-end business processes that architecture supports, so everyone at the table can understand the feedback loop among operational systems and business outcomes. This alignment enables enterprises to accelerate their business transformation with an eye toward operational excellence and delivering business results – not just IT milestones – faster.

How do you combine business processes perspectives and IT infrastructure to accelerate your business transformation?

Including an enterprise architecture view in enterprises' business processes is imperative for a successful transformation. Combining both perspectives improve business and IT collaboration. It helps to accelerate the transformation, reduce uncertainty, and continuously drive change by providing a comprehensive overview of the complex interconnections between SAP and related applications.

An integrated view of business transformation and enterprise architecture shows businesses which infrastructure component uses which processes and vice versa. It links technology, IT, and infrastructure directly to your business processes so enterprises can have an x-ray of their business processes, including their IT architecture.


How SAP and LeanIX integration can support you on this journey?

Enterprise Architecture Management by LeanIX helps you leverage technology, make decisions, and manage change with an outcome-driven approach. The flexible, best-practice data model is your foundation for meeting future business challenges. Gain real-time overviews of your IT landscape and business capabilities to transform productivity and accelerate your business transformation. EAM by LeanIX helps you increase speed, lower costs, and reduce risks.

The integration between SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite and LeanIX EAM shows enterprises, for instance, the lifecycle information to extend the duration or replace a deprecated IT infrastructure component necessary for existing and used business processes. That interconnection between business processes and IT architecture gives CTOs, transformation managers, etc., a 360-degree overview of their whole business and where they are.



We aim to help IT and business users within enterprises with strategic and operational transformations by having a joint consistent understanding of where they are, where they want to go, and how they will get there.

Whether your business process transformation is an SAP S/4HANA transformation, a transformation from another ERP system, or the long-term focus on operational excellence, with the combination of SAP Signavio and LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management, enterprises can get well prepared to become intelligent and sustainable.

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