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For many businesses, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) has become a platform of broad innovation opportunities. They are benefitting from a wide range of application development, integration, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence tools and technologies ‒ all from one source.

But the technologies and services provided are not the sole reason SAP BTP is so valuable to their transformation journey. In his blog post, Jagdish Sahasrabudhe, CTO, Business Technology Platform at SAP, underscored the crucial role that content ‒ such as pre-packaged integration flows, analytics, data models, and industry templates ‒ plays in their innovation efforts.

"When considering the factors that account for business growth, the power of shared experiences, industry expertise, innovation, and lessons learned are some of the most important drivers," stated Sahasrabudhe. "That's why our partners' collective content for SAP BTP is so impactful in our customers' transformation journey to becoming data-driven and intelligent enterprises."

No two digital transformation projects are the same. However, whether developing a data valuation framework or seeking guidance to extend their existing transformation efforts, every customer can benefit from partner content and services based on years of domain, project, and consulting expertise.

Through content-driven guidance, SAP partners are supporting customers from a wide variety of industries and lines of business to make significant gains in their digital transformation journey. For example, many customers are rapidly constructing a foundation for forward-looking capabilities such as robotic process automation, APIs, chatbots, cloud migration, process intelligence, security governance, and enterprise collaboration. Some are going even further by automatically processing marketing data to uncover new opportunities and base decisions on unbiased insights. But most importantly, our customers can transform their business culture into one that is well-informed with real-time data that their decision makers can trust – supporting the business across every role, seniority level, and department.

Want to learn how our partners are helping to guide our customers down the right path to profound digital transformation with real-world content developed through SAP Business Technology Platform? Read Sahasrabudhe's blog "Transforming Data to Value with a Content-Driven Framework” for the latest use cases.