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An unfortunate outcome of any new technology buzz, like the Internet of Things and Big Data, is that it often carries with it, overly used and overly communicated sound bites, that become so deafening that eventually most people just stop listening.

Consider these recent gems:

  • In the last five years the world has created more data than all the preceding years combined

  • By 2020, it's projected there will be more connected devices than people on this planet

  • And depending on what analyst you believe, there will be between 50 -75 billion of these connected devices, embedded in everything from manufacturing equipment to washing machines

While these are interesting facts, your first thought is probably “So what.” Your initial reaction is understandable, because doing business in a hyper-connected world, alone, has nothing to do with delivering new business value to your operations, customers or the market.

What is important to internalize is that companies moving forward, must operate as connected digital businesses and while the pace of adoption may be debated, it is no longer business as usual.

On Oct 27, SAP invites you to meet with other leading companies in New York City to discuss these new operating realities and to share your experiences. Executives from Intel, Siemens, UPS, Toyota Material Handling, Cirque de Soleil, Reuters,Tennant and many others, will be on hand to share their company’s digital journeys. Through case studies and workshops, these leading companies, will describe how they are leveraging Big Data and the Internet of Things to be more digitally driven and customer-centric live businesses.

The conference focuses on the four key business areas, now widely seen as being critical to compete successfully in the digital economy:

  • Meeting customer centric demands when designing, manufacturing and shipping products

  • Selling solutions instead of products, by extending innovation and customer engagement, beyond initial product purchases and focusing on business outcomes

  • Leveraging ALL available market intelligence to improve customer engagement, user experience, and customer loyalty across multiple channels

  • Leveraging and monetizing asset intelligence while further leveraging an integrated and digitized extended eco-system 

Meeting Customer- Centric Demands

Long gone are the days when developers and manufacturers have the ability to design and produce “like products,” inside a development and production environment largely disconnected from the world and its customers. The digital economy demands mass customization driven largely by a consumer who wants solutions his or her way while being focused less on product ownership and more on the experience and benefit of using the product. Companies must master data with equal proficiency in designing and manufacturing their products, and digital engagement must extend well beyond the company’s four walls.

As one example, today, 3D printing is changing the conventional definition of manufacturing. 3D printing and distributed manufacturing is enabling logistics providers like UPS to operate new distributed manufacturing businesses while further empowering the company to execute “Live”  “make or ship decisions” on items like spare equipment parts. You can learn more about the value of distributed manufacturing, 3D printing, and the UPS business solution in workshop session number one focused on Smart Manufacturing.

Extending Innovation and Customer Engagement beyond the Initial Product Sale by Selling Solutions

For Innovators, having the ability to embed sensors in machines and extract added intelligence from product usage provides new market opportunities once thought impossible. Companies can now extend customer relationships and deliver new differentiated consumer experiences beyond initial solution purchases.

Solution Selling affords companies with the opportunity to provided additive value and reduce feature product comparisons, which can further commoditize product offerings. Learn how to move from a supplier of products to a deliverer of positive business outcomes through new business models. Engage with industry Leaders from Intel and Siemens during workshop number two, when they discuss how they are leveraging Big Data and the SAP Hana platform to draw closer to their customers and move from a provider of products toward a provider of value added solutions.

Leveraging Market intelligence to Improve and Differentiate Customer Experience  

Customers today expect you know and engage with them on a personal level across multiple channels and connection points. To deliver on the Omni-commerce engagement promise, companies must leverage and act upon live customer insight during the point of customer interaction. New technologies like Big Data and IoT enabled solutions, including store iBeacons and Wearable’s are redefining and shaping customer experience by bringing forth-unique customer intelligence and user behavior. Learn how industry leaders Cirque de Soleil and Reuters are transforming Big Data and collected consumer intelligence into a more personal and improved user experience for their customers and patrons during workshop number three.

Managing and Monetizing Asset Intelligence and a Digitized Asset Intelligence and Supplier Network

While Predictive Maintenance has become the poster child for IoT enabled solutions, the real value of these solutions derives from the ability of companies to monetize collected machine intelligence. In workshop number four, engage with senior executives from Toyota Material Handling and Tennant as they discuss how they are leveraging improved machine intelligence to generate new revenue streams while improving overall Return on Assets (ROA).

We invite you to learn more about the conference agenda, keynote speakers and workshops by visiting the event site.

We look forward to seeing you in NYC.