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It depends on the consuming application which product instance of a technical system must be assigned assigned to a logical component.

  • A typical example are SAP-ERP-based systems (see
    On the technical system, the following product instances are marked installed:
    SAP ERP 6.0                       ECC Server
    EhPx for ERP 6.0                ABAP Technology for ERP EHP
    EHP5 for SAP ERP 6.0       EHP5 FOR SAP ERP 6.0: Central Applications
    If content from BPR is to be used, you need one logical component for each product instance of a product version. You can assign the same technical system for the usage in projects. In solutions, you only need to assign the product instance for the stand-alone product.
    Therefore, in this example, replace the logical components of EhPx for ERP 6.0 and EhP5 for SAP ERP 6.0 by SAP ERP 6.0 before you hand over to the solution.
    If the product system is correctly maintained in the LMDB, Maintenace Optimizer can work correctly because it can work without a logical component.
    Solution documentation and implementation can utilize BPR content and need the settings mentioned above.
    Product instance ECC Server of product SAP ERP shall be used. Product SAP ECC shall not be used since it has been replaced by SAP ERP.

  • To change the version of product instances of a logical component, choose 'Maintain' in the 'Overview' screen as described in step 2.
    Choose 'Search' to display the same product instance with available product versions.
    (In transaction SMSY, changing the product version was not allowed. You had to create a new logical component.)

  • Usually, only one logical component for a stand-alone product is necessary.

  • The old System Monitoring requires only one AS ABAP and one non-ABAP logical component because this runs on the technical system.
    However, for Business Process Monitoring you need logical components for all instances you use the his monitoring.