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Hi All,

With the introduction of the new SCN Community pages there is some confusion on how to navigate this page and even where to find it...

As a Moderator I've found a few helpful links and how to's..

First to get you there go here:
For Business Intelligence software which includes Crystal Reports, CR for Eclipse ( Java ) and BOE products and SDK's click on the Solution menu option and select

Browse Platform Support and Technology, expand that to Analytics click on it and then select Business Intelligence.

In typical SAP pages you will see this at the top of the page:

Now you see all of the BI Products and links once you click on them to expand:

As you expand each one you will see the BI Products and links to get you to their respective home page. Note also that some links will expand into more products.

I will use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio as an example:

Now expand Reporting and Analysis and notice at the bottom of that section are links to the various CR product lines:

Clicking on SAP Crystal Reports link takes you to the home page for this product. Home pages now include typical Marketing info and other links for various support, links to, Service Market Place, requires a valid support contract to access, and others.

To get to CR for VS click on Related Products and then SAP Crystal Reports Developer Version for Microsoft Visual Studio:

Clicking on the link takes you to this page where you can also get the latest updates for the installer and distribution packages:

For the next few months I will also maintain the old download page ( converted to a BLOG 😞

OK, so now you have the updates and installed onto you development PC and you want to post a question for some assistance. First though you have clicked on the link to the SDK help files, Browsed using the Object Browser in VS and possibly even searched.


You can do this any time by simply click on your Icon in the upper right corner and selecting Ask a Question:

If you have a question to ask, and do not use the Write a Blog, it typically will get deleted with a note to post a question. simply click on the link:

Now comes the fun stuff...

First line: As you type the Search engine will attempt to find anything relevant:

Begin with the product name that matches the new TAG's, more about this later:

As you can see the search engine begins by using the Tag and then anything else you may type in. Look at them they are previous posts and may have the answer you are looking for.

If you do not find your answer then continue typing...
Then fill in the windows provided and onto the Tagging:

Note the Primary tag for CR for VS is Crystal Reports, ( use the comma ) Version for Visual Studio, and click on it.

You can add a secondary tag but for now use just the Primary tag, otherwise it will show up in the other tagged list of postings.

You can also use a 3rd tag which is unique to your post and not linked to any SAP tags.

Check it and then click on Submit your Question and be patient... we are working on this so it's new and some things do not work...

Once submitted you see this:

Now also notice under your Icon you have Actions:

As a Moderator I can Edit your post, see revisions, redirect, close, delete or lock comments.
We are working on the functions of these buttons also so they may change.

Important ones are Edit and Close, you can edit your info and once the post has been answered PLEASE close it.

I also recommend you follow your own posts, Notifications are not fully functional at this time but should be soon... so copy the URL and save it so you can get back to your posts easily, I know it's a pain but for now it's easier than looking for it.

OK so now you have a post where do you look at them...

This URL will get you to them all:

So what are some ll of the direct links and what are the Tag?

SAP Crystal Reports 73554900100700000878 N/A
Crystal Reports for Java 01200615320800001740
SAP Crystal Reports 01200314690800000341
SAP Crystal Reports viewer 01200615320800001686
SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse 01200615320800001220
SAP Crystal Reports, version for SAP Business One 01200314690800000787
SAP Crystal Reports, version for SAP HANA 67837800100800007286
SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio 01200615320800001270
SAP Crystal Server 73554900100700000879 N/A
SAP Crystal Reports Server, OEM edition 01200615320800001218
SAP Crystal Server 01200314690800000350
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 01200314690800000337
Crystal Enterprise 73554900100700000701 N/A
Crystal Enterprise 01200615320800001750
Crystal Info 73554900100700000702 N/A
Crystal Info 01200615320800001738
SBOP Authentication 629074762716334381746959911269220
SBOP Core Platform and Performance 716391172020710511372986531530988
SBOP Legacy 832822153792048392693274466845864
SBOP OLAP 224051326006494459385682004442285
SBOP Platform Administration 493706448058243238508632186627562
SBOP Platform Infrastructure 908268185089197093202840551891078
SBOP SDK 281348484285791548287640397557224
SBOP Semantic Layer 280909257853820289811451573728573
SBOP Web/Desktop Intelligence (client/server) 907900296036854683333078008146613
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 73554900100700001049
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Cloud 01200314690800001339
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, desktop edition 67837800100800004495
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for SAP HANA 67837800100800006430
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for teams 73555000100800000046
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, server version for the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 73554900100800000274


For a complete list go here:

It is here from the main menu:

Note that the Business Objects Main Tags all begin with SBOP, this is from the Service Market Place naming conventions.