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In this blog I would like to focus on few of the Visualization related improvements that are delivered with SAP Lumira 2.0.

Improved Defaults

Apart from the enhancements done to visualization features, there has been a focus to make the visualizations look better by default in the first place. The list is as follows

  • In all the bars, columns, stacked, dual axis and combined charts - there are subtle grid lines that improve the readability of these visualizations

  • Font style changes - color, size and font type for the labels have been re-defined for Axis labels, legends and data labels

  • No more overlapping labels - any labels that overlap gets hidden automatically

  • K/M/B/T is enabled for Axis labels by deafult


  • You can also control the number of labels and digits displayed in chart by using number formatting options at the visualization

Pie and Donut Charts

Labels in Pie and donut charts are dispalyed outside by deafult. Also the legend is not displayed by default as it's redundant.

Dual Axis & Combined Charts

Dual axis and combined charts are few of the very popular charts. Lumira 2.0 brings in the new experince for creating these charts - and with this new user experience it also delivers more permutations possible for these charts than what existed in Lumira 1.x

Use "Assign to Secondary Axis" to convert a basic bar/column chart to a dual axis chart.

Use "Change Chart Type Series" option to specify how would you want a measure to be represented as i.e. line, column, bar, stacked in a Visualizations

to Stacked:


Improved Waterfall charts

Following enhancemetns have been delivered with waterfall charts

  • Increasing and Decreasing color customization for waterfall chart

  • Option to connect the bars with line

  • Support for total and sub-total bars

  • More properties available for Plot Area, Axes, Title etc.


Stacked Bar/Column charts

Stacked charts had following enhancements with Lumira 2.0

  • Option to configure value or percentage or both as data label for stacked chart

  • Option to show totals for stacked chart


Line Charts

Option to smoothen line for line charts.


New options across charts

Following options are delivered across charts

  • Custom titles for Axis Lines

  • Specify axis line color and thickness

  • Toggle hide overlapping data labels in charts

  • Show border for Chart Area & Plot Area – customize border width & color

  • Increased colors in palettes from 9 to 12

  • Improved set of color palettes