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Sameer Patel is SVP of Products and GTM, responsible for SAP's Social Collaboration Business.

Today, on behalf of our team, I'm privileged to announce a series of advancements that SAP has made to help organizations digitally transform with social collaboration.

Eight quarters ago, we presented a unique value proposition with SAP Jam by creating one social layer that permeated the touch points where work gets done - in your business applications, on your network, and on your device. Last fall, we had a breakthrough in how real-time data can be accessed and manipulated, and we released work patterns - a series of pre-configured work experiences designed to drive company-wide and functional KPIs such as customer engagement, account management and selling, customer service, learning, and mentoring. The feedback we got was incredible.

SAP Jam: 15 million subscribers and growing

Today, we're very humbled to announce that this value proposition to customers has resulted in SAP Jam surpassing 15 million subscribers, giving SAP one of the largest subscriber bases in this market category.

This growth proves that in addition to trusting SAP with transactional needs powered by our business applications, customers now look to SAP to also help them participate and thrive in the Networked Economy. With Ariba’s Business-to-Business network and SAP Jam’s People-to-People Network, SAP significantly improves how our customers engage and transact with their customers, employees, and partners in the cloud, powered by HANA.

But there’s more to be done.

Social collaboration technology that conforms to how YOU want to work.

Cloud-based technology has incredible benefits such as speed and agility but is mostly one-size fits all. Business, however, is not. And as important, market dynamics demand that our customers continuously evolve and optimize how they operate to stay ahead of established and emerging competition.

To truly drive competitive advantage and leverage industry-specific solutions in the cloud, we must rethink how our software can to be molded to meet our business needs.

Customize, embed, integrate, and extend with SAP Jam

This is what we have achieved with this latest SAP Jam release. Today we’re announcing customization capabilities, application and data integration capabilities, and application extension capabilities via the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

With this release, SAP Jam now offers you extreme flexibility when it comes to leveraging software to transform how you operate:

  1. If your business activity and processes are slightly different from our standard work patterns, now you can reconfigure or extend each work pattern by adding your own widgets and data elements.
  2. Most of our customers, even those who use SAP technology heavily, live in heterogeneous environments. Developers can now bring real-time data from SAP and non-SAP applications into any SAP Jam work pattern.
  3. Conversely, SAP Jam can now be integrated into non-SAP applications, further delivering on our promise of collaboration, where you work.
  4. If you need to extend your existing applications or build entirely new collaboration-first applications, the tight connections between SAP Jam and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform now make this possible.
  5. Availability of documentation and a support community for developers and partners.

As a result of these technology advancements, SAP now offers the most comprehensive customization capabilities of any cloud-based collaboration platform. Not only do you continue to enjoy the agility and speed of cloud-based delivery, but now, you also get on-premise-like flexibility when it comes to bending software to accommodate how you want to work.

Global partners on board.

At SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando next week, we will formally announce the SAP Jam developer community that is designed for both global system integrators as well as individual developers. You can find a list of sessions here. We're also honored to have partners such as EnterpriseJungle, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, and World Sales Solutions share what they have already built leveraging SAP Jam and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to transform the process of Selling, Service, Learning Management, and Recruiting for their customers.

This is a pivotal moment in the evolution of enterprise software. Organizations have spent the last 50 years digitizing. Now the work of transformation begins. As customers begin to digitally transform how they work and engage with customers and partners and lead in their industries, they will demand such software flexibility to differentiate and win. With SAP's deep domain and market leadership with our Business Applications, a market-leading collaboration platform with SAP Jam, and the flexibility offered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP can genuinely partner with organizations looking to transform how they work and engage with their ecosystems.

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