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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
(March 16, 2021: Updated information about the SAP Community Call mentioned below)

What else can I say...

... now that proven MDG experts have already blogged and informed you:

jan.schaffner explained the difference between master data integration and management.

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Find all of these posts and more at one glance.

cbrague informed about market trends in master data management and the benefits of cloud-based MDM.
markus.kuppe announced the upcoming SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition and the benefits of federated master data governance.
christian.geiseler invited you to participate in a  public trial of SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition.


Other than ...

... reiterating for participants in the free trial of SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition that it is extremely helpful to read the Getting Started Guide first, which provides all you need to know about the initial log-on procedure.

And that once they have accessed the trial application, clicking the question mark icon on the top displays information about the individual processes...

.... including a process visualization:

Which helps to navigate through the processes.

... there's one more thing to add ...

... and that is that I’d like to make you aware of the SAP Community Call from March 11, 2021. In this call participants had the opportunity to ask SAP experts about the upcoming SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition and the approach of federated MDG. There was a quick recap of the basics as outlined by the SAP Community blog posts mentioned above, but the main focus was on giving participants the opportunity to ask the SAP experts any questions.

To access the debriefing information, the recording and the presentation, click on the blue-framed text box above.

... and last, but not least:

To stay up to date with what’s going on in the SAP Master Data Governance, simply check the SAP Community Topic Page for SAP Master Data Governance on a regular basis and join the Q&A and discussion forum.