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Product and Topic Expert
Earlier this year the first version of the SAP HANA Database Explorer Visual Studio Code extension was released to the Visual Studio Code marketplace. This version included the database connection list and a SQL console for executing queries against a database.

What's New?

Today, version 1.4 of the extension has been released to the Visual Studio Code marketplace. In addition to some bug fixing and general improvements, the new version brings several noteworthy features.

Catalog Browser

The catalog browser now shows the list of objects per type.

By default, only objects from the current database user's default schema are shown. To show objects from other schemas the catalog browser offers a filtering option.

To filter the objects in the catalog browser (or even the list of databases for that matter) you can use the standard Visual Studio Code document tree filtering feature.

SAP HANA User Store Connections

Previously it was possible to add new local database connections by entering the connection data and credentials into the "Add Database" dialog.

To prevent double maintenance of credentials it is now possible to add local database connections that use credentials maintained in the SAP HANA user store.


Connecting via the SAP HANA user store requires the full SAP HANA client package to be installed, including the hdbuserstore executable.


Additionally, SAP HANA user store connections are only available on platforms supported by the SAP HANA database client. A notable platform that is not supported is macOS on Apple M1 processors.


The credentials cannot be changed via the SAP HANA Database Explorer Visual Studio Code extension. Credentials stored in the SAP HANA user store must be maintained via the appropriate SAP HANA user store commands.

SQL Console File Support

The SQL console now supports loading content from and saving content to files. This allows saving the content of the SQL console and loading it again at a later point in time.

The three new buttons allow to open a file, save to the current file, and save to a different file (from left to right).

If a file is opened in the SQL console the title of the SQL console tab is changed to the file name from the default "SQL Console".

Open SAP HANA Database Explorer

Since the web-based version of SAP HANA Database Explorer offers much more functionality it can be necessary to perform an action in the web-based version. To make switching between the versions easier it is now possible to directly jump to a database in the web-based version from each SAP HANA Database Explorer connection in the database list.


Hide SAP HANA Database Explorer Connections

If no connection to SAP HANA Database Explorer connections in the cloud is required, the connections can now be hidden via the setting "SAP HANA Database Explorer" > "Show Database Explorer Connections".


Stay tuned for more exciting new features in future releases!
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