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Highlights of the HANA smart data streaming (SDS) SPS11 release:

  • Introduction of Machine Learning Algorithms for stream processing
  • Support for HANA System Replication
    • SPS11 introduces SDS support for HANA System Replication
    • SDS nodes will be created in the replica system
    • Deployed SDS projects will be copied to the replica
    • Streaming projects will require a manual restart to allow coordination with outside data sources
    • State information for running projects including log files for log backed windows are not replicated in SPS11. Support for this functionality is on the roadmap for a future release
  • Adapter Enhancements
    • Simplified Configuration of the SAP HANA Output Adapter
      • Older options that explicitly set the commit interval, number of events to be committed in a single batch and the number of worker threads to be used have been replaced by new parameters that set upper limits for each of these values that the adapter will then work within
      • The total number of parameters that can be set for the HANA Output Adapter has been reduced. The adapter now automatically adjusts the insert array size, the max queue size and the maximum length of time to buffer data before outputting it to HANA.
    • Custom Header Protection Support for the HTTP Client Output Adapter
      • This is an important new feature for streaming projects that integrate to an XS application. XS application enforce the use of a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token.
      • With this feature, the HTTP Client Output Adapter can now automatically request and use a CSRF token
    • New Custom Adapter File Directory
      • SDS supports the development, integration and use of custom adapters to provide integration options to data sources not already supported by our 'out-of-the-box' adapters
      • Custom adapters built using the Adapter Toolkit can be integrated directly into the palette in the SAP HANA Streaming Development perspective in HANA Studio
      • To provide better organization of custom adapters, the custom adapter files are now stored in the STREAMING_CUSTOM_ADAPTERS_HOME directory
  • Streaming Web Service (SWS) Enhancements
    • In SPS 10, the SWS is configured, started and stopped as a separate process. While it was often run on the same host as the SDS server node, it still had to be manually started and stopped.
    • With SPS 11, the SWS is now managed as part of the SDS cluster and can be configured to automatically start when the SDS cluster starts
    • If you are upgrading from SPS10, then there are some one time manual migration steps required to migrate your current SWS settings from the old configuration file into HANA Cockpit
  • Data Service Enhancements
    • This is a security enhancement that provides greater control over who has access to specific data services. Prior to SPS11, any data service was visible across all workspaces on the SDS server. With SPS11 you can now choose to limit the data service availability to a single workspace, or continue to make it available across all workspaces on the server.

Incremental Enhancements Based on User Feedback

  • Added multi-threading support for custom row based formatters used in building custom adapters
  • Support for additional dynamic attributes for file/hadoop adapters
  • New methods have been added to the C, .NET and Java SDKs to process formatting errors with fixed decimal values