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SAP Replication Server version 16.0 SP03 contains several enhancements and new features.

In this blog, I will introduce four major enhancements. These include:

  • A new purge queue command parameter and functionality

  • A new disk control property

  • A new memory usage output enhancement

  • An SSL library change

For more information on each of these features, continue reading the sections below.

New purge queue command parameter and functionality

The purge queue enhancement improves the sysadmin_sqm_purge_queue command.

Before this, you had to hibernate the Replication Servers in order to purge the queue. But now, you have the option to either hibernate the servers, or to suspend individual modules before purging the queue.

Also, you can use the new parameter, check_only, to confirm if required modules are suspended, or if the RS server is hibernated before you purge the queue. We recommend that you use this parameter to ensure that you don’t purge any useful data from the queue by mistake.

For more information, see sysadmin sqm_purge_queue.

New disk control property

Next, the new parameter, ibq_part_proportion, was added to the configure replication server command. This parameter allows you to set the maximum percentage of disk space that can be used by inbound queues.

All inbound and outbound queues share the same partitions. If the Distributor thread is slow, data collects in the inbound queue, which can consume all available space on the partition.

Processes on the outbound queue that cannot complete may hang until you add more space to that partition. To avoid problems, then, make sure the inbound queue cannot use up all available space.

For example, set the value of ibq_part_proportion to 50. This means that the inbound queue is only allowed to use 50 percent of the partition, guaranteeing the other 50 percent will be available for outbound queue processing.

For more information, see configure replication server.

Enhancements to the memory usage output

Next is the improved memory usage output. When using the admin stats command with the mem_detail_stats parameter, you can now view memory usage information for modules, such as – CI, EXEC, IBQ, SQT, DIST, OBQ, DSIS, DSIE – instead of objects.

Also, a new metric by the name of Average Memory Consumed in Mb has been added to the output.

For more information, see admin stats.

An SSL library change

Finally, the SSL library changes. SAP Replication Server now uses the SAP Common Crypto Library to provide SSL and cryptographic services. This library replaces the previously used OpenSSL and SAP Common Security Infrastructure - or CSI - libraries.

For more information, see SAP Common Crypto Library.


Thank you for reading!

For more information, see documentation for SAP Replication Server version 16.0 SP03 on the SAP Help portal.

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