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Hi Everyone

It has been a while!  SAP Lumira 1.25 is on your way and I just cannot wait any longer to share my excitements with this release. I hope this blog can help you get started in the preparation for your next update.

First you must be wondering what happened to SAP Lumira 1.24.  We kept 1.24 release to internal only. After reviewing the content of SAP Lumira 1.24 and 1.25 we decided that it would be much more cost effective for our customers to have one release with more content and avoid unnecessary upgrades. By the time you finish going through this what's new I hope you will agree with me.

As you will see later, SAP Lumira 1.25 delivers:

Yes, you heard me.  Lumira for BI platform for non-HANA deployments. The option to switch to HANA as its calculation engine is planned for future road map.

What is SAP Lumira 1.25 all about?

Lumira brings out the genius in you.  Just look at the examples of visualization extensions created. Wow!

In this release, we have improved the way you add and update extensions from within Lumira Desktop using Extension Manager dialog. Go to File > Extensions.  Idea Place D25497

In addition to visualization extension framework, we have enhanced our data access extension framework. Please take a look at the official documentation for more detailed help on the changes and how to use it. You would no longer need to use -D to enable new data source extensions. The extensions can be added using Extension Manager.

We are drinking our own champagne. In response to your feedback on Idea Place, we give you the full power of UNX universe query panel with advanced options for bringing the UNX data.  We do this using our own data access extension framework mentioned above. Simple acquisition option for universe access for UNV and UNX will continue to remain in the product.  To use the advanced UNX universe access option, you have to first add this extension using the Extension Manager. (Secret: we also use the data access extension framework to let you bring BW data and mash-up. This is planned for release in a short term. Stay tuned for more update!)

Advanced UNX access would not be complete without prompting support.

Now that you have acquired your trusted data from highly governed universes, let's make sure you can publish to, consume and also author Lumira stories from trusted BI platform 4.1.  In this release, the same In-Memory data engine that Lumira Desktop and Lumira Team Server run on is used so that it will not require you to have HANA.  In the future you will have an option to switch your calculation engine to be based on HANA. See more detailed in this blog.

We also updated Lumira Team Server and usability of publishing from Lumira Desktop to Team Server. More sources to refresh your data from! More detailed can be found in this blog.

There have been a couple of Idea Place requests for HANA key/label support improvement (Idea Place D20449). Lumira Server for HANA already supports label in the facet.  We have improved Lumira Desktop support of HANA label and also in the object picker.

Here comes my personal favorite feature of Lumira 1.25 that I have been waiting for! We have great plans for many variations of linked analysis between multiple visualizations (including table). 1.25 delivers the first one where you can drill on a hierarchy and the charts on the same page will be updated accordingly. This is not yet supported in infographic but it is planned in the short term road map.

Next up, crosstab!! We are thrilled to finally deliver this feature. It has been long anticipated by our customers and our development team has also been eager to deliver it.  We are working on additional interactivity enhancements for upcoming releases.

We are adding support for more advanced analysis across multiple variables.

We are integrating a new forecasting algorithm from SAP Predictive Analytics to enhance our predictive capabilities. We have also added some usability improvements.

Got a lot of data? Now you can easily zoom in and zoom out to visualize at different levels of granularity.

Filter dialog had a makeover to make it much more intuitive to select the values you want for different data types.

Let's bring beautiful geo maps from Esri into your beautiful infographic.

In this release, we are adding Korean support! In addition, we support HANA SPS9 revision 94.  Revision 95 has not yet been released to the market but we plan to certify this revision as soon as it is available.

And that is the overview of Lumira 1.25 at the summary level.  I am sure you will find many other improvements in this release. I am looking forward to more blogs that highlight great enhancements and capabilities included in this release in more detail.

Let the show begin :cool: !