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Hello Lumira enthusiasts!

Let me first wish you all a very nice and warm holiday season. Thank you for the tremendous amount of support and inspirations you have shown throughout the year.  We want to send you home to your family but want to sneak in one more release of Lumira in your treat bag.  So stay tuned for the release of SAP Lumira 1.21 in the next few days!

In a nutshell, following experiences are what Lumira 1.21 release focused on.

Here is a highlight of key enhancements.

Samples are a great way to get you started on Lumira immediately.  With the number of recent releases and new features, we have included some new and updated samples with Lumira Desktop.  We have also added more online samples for line of business.

Lumira allows you to build powerful stories and infographics using multiple visualizations.  With Lumira 1.21, it is much easier to explore a visualization that you want to focus on from the story view. Just click on the Explore icon to bring up the visualization to the foreground and perform further analysis. If you are not the author of the story and the story was shared to you with view rights, no biggie. It does not stop you from exploring, soring and ranking differently.  If you want to save the story with these changes applied as the default view and you do not have the edit right, simply make your own copy of the story via 'Save as'.  Typical use of this exploration feature is aimed for the viewing mode on Lumira Server and Lumira Cloud. But you can experience the same benefit in the Lumira Desktop Compose room in the preview mode.

Expanding from the above, you can also drill down or change filters.  Yes, I said it. You can drill down from the story by going into the Explore mode of the visualization.

We have also updated and added more big data drivers.

With Lumira Desktop 1.21 you can now single sign-on to Microsoft SQL Server 2008.  Please refer to the Lumira Installation Guide as there are some configuration steps required.  With the enablement of Kerberos SSO, we can now easily add SSO to other data sources in the future as incremental updates.

Lumira 1.21 now supports latest and greatest trusted platforms.  You will note that we have increased the number of HANA revision support.  HANA SP09 support is coming in the next release and we plan to support both SP08 and SP09 at the same time in the future. So some progress made, more on the way!. Please refer to PAM (Product Availability Matrix) for more details. Also please note that there are a couple of changes to installing Lumira Server mainly around the components that Lumira Server deployment depends on. Please consult the Lumira Server installation guide.

The other cool enhancement is that there is now much less set up required to govern Lumira Desktop from CMC starting BI 4.1 SP5.  Whereas in the past you needed the full Lumira add-on set up that also required Lumira Server and HANA, for the purpose of simply governing Lumira Desktop use (eg. end user access to data sources, publishing location, auto updates), you only need BI 4.1 SP5 and Lumira Desktop.  This is our first step towards deployment simplification. More simplification is planned in the next releases.

If you are not familiar with Lumira Desktop governance capability, please check out this great blog from greg.wcislo,

As usual there are other small enhancements, usability updates and performance improvements.  The best thing about finishing off 1.21 blog is that I get to play with 1.22. We have another release planned early in the new year, and knowing some of the new capabilities on the way, EXCITEMENT GUARANTEED!

Happy Holidays and New Year to you all!