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This release of SAP Jam features key updates to help you be even more productive and find information more easily - while seamlessly connecting with customers, partners, and employees. Discover how SAP Jam can now help you:

For developers

You can now help motivate behavior and create incentives in SAP Jam. Event hooks have been added that enable integration with leading gamification vendors, and UI integrations support items from gamification vendors like badges, challenges, missions, and leader boards. We’ve also included the ability for you to gain even more value from SAP Jam by integrating with additional applications through newly available APIs. Read on to see how you can:

For administrators

Extended SAP Jam administrator functionality helps IT teams remain in control of key corporate data while delivering social collaboration across their entire technology landscape. Ensure group content and activity is appropriate within enterprise business contexts with the addition of support for a number of content publishing and monitoring safe-guards. See how you can now:

Easily focus on what matters

Reduce noise from the feed and focus on activity that matters with new feed filters

If you’re using SAP Jam across multiple business processes and applications, you might see more information in your feed than you have time to read. Now, you can choose only the updates that you want to see on your home feed with new feed filters - by picking which types of group and user activity appear.

Let’s say you’re a sales representative and your particular area of expertise is in upselling current opportunities. With the new feed filters, you can select only the items that will be important to you by checking "Opportunities" and "Sales Quotations" for the events in SAP CRM that appear in your SAP Jam feed. If you have SAP Jam integrated with other applications with notifications that appear in your SAP Jam feed, you can also filter and choose those updates to see from your home feed.

Browse through information rapidly with feed activity improvements

Find all actionable SAP Jam events either directed at you or involving your activities in one place with new, in-product notifications. This includes @mentions, replies to your comments, likes of your posts, answers to your questions, feedback on your ideas, and badges you’ve received. The notifications alert in the SAP Jam header displays the number of notifications directed at your or related to you. Hover over the alert icon to display a quick-view drop-down of those notifications so that you can act on them from there or drill in for more information.

For SAP Jam group administrators where moderated participation has been turned on, the new notifications alert you when new content has been uploaded and awaits your review and approval.

For company administrators, the new notifications will alert you to content marked as inappropriate that requires review.

Quickly recognize important SAP Jam activity with notification enhancements

It’s now easier to navigate through SAP Jam updates because certain repeated events in feeds are consolidated. For example, when a user does a bulk upload of several documents or when multiple users vote in a poll in a manner of minutes, SAP Jam now shows you those activities grouped together as one event. To view each individual file upload or polling vote, click the "View All Posts" to see a detailed breakdown of the events.

Drive rapid results with ease

Ensure you’re delivering the correct message with the ability to edit posts after they’re posted

If you need to correct misspellings, typos, or inaccurate information, now you can easily edit your status updates and feed comments after you’ve posted them.

Discover the key things that you need to know about your colleagues with profile improvements

Now in SAP Jam you can quickly gather important information about your colleagues including details such as title, contact information, and reporting structure when you view your colleagues’ profiles. Now in the profile overview page, clicking on ‘Show Additional Information’ expands to reveal additional details.

Profile pictures give us the ability to quickly understand who is participating in online conversations. Now it’s easier to orient and crop profile pictures in SAP Jam with new editing features that appear once the pictures have been uploaded.

For Developers

Motivate and reward colleagues by integrating with gamification vendors

This release of SAP Jam makes it easier to help guide and reward new hires and existing employees. Ensure continuous employee development by encouraging employees to understand the most current knowledge and training available. SAP Jam now has ‘event hooks’ that make integration with leading ‘gamification’ vendors straightforward. User activity in SAP Jam—including interacting with events sent from other applications—can now trigger information being sent to select gamification vendors, where it can be analyzed against established goals or ‘challenges’. Based on the criteria of these established challenges, SAP Jam users can be rewarded with ‘badges’ that cumulatively go towards completing ‘missions’ that exemplify behavior required for employees to be most effective in their jobs. A variety of activity in SAP Jam can be identified as criteria for earning badges and completing missions, such as:

  • Adding ideas
  • Answering forum questions correctly
  • Blogging
  • Creating or annotating documents
  • Updating service requests or sales orders in integrated CRM applications

In order to implement this capability, a SAP Jam company administrator needs to enable gamification in the Admin UI, and provide various parameters provided by their gamification vendor in the ‘Gamification’ settings screen, e.g., hostname and certain keys. They can also selectively enable various capabilities like in-context gamification notifications, badges and missions, and leaderboards.

SAP Jam Admin Screens

SAP Jam events that can map to Gamification challenges

Setting up a challenge in a Gamification vendor’s Admin UI

Badges Earned and Missions Status

Earning a badge on your wall

For Administrators

Review content before it is published with group content moderation features

This release of SAP Jam provides IT with an extended ability to protect key corporate data with content publishing safe-guards that help you ensure content is appropriate for the business context of a group. Now group administrators have the ability to review all content that is posted within groups before it goes public with a new SAP Jam group participation type. SAP Jam administrators can prevent confidential content from being shared before it reaches the wrong audience. When this new moderation type is effective, group members that upload documents, photos, videos, wikis or blogs, need group administrator approval before this content is visible in the group.

Flag inappropriate content with ‘Mark as Abuse/Spam’ on feed events

When someone finds an inappropriate content or post in SAP Jam, they can easily initiate a process for it to be reviewed by a company administrator by flagging content and posts as inappropriate. This capability is configured by the SAP Jam company administrator, with two different thresholds set for spam and abuse. When group activity has been tagged as spam or abuse a number of times that equals these thresholds, the content or feed posts are removed from view. Notifications are sent to the company administrator to let them know there is inappropriate content requiring their review. This feature requires the use of Content Administration.

Monitor data usage by user and by group with storage reporting

Effectively leverage your SAP Jam deployment by understanding how SAP Jam data storage is being used at your company. There are new reports for company administrators that provide monitoring for storage consumption, including how much storage is being consumed by group and by user. In addition, notifications are sent to company administrators when they are at 80% and 100% of their storage allocation. New reports also help administrators identify which groups have not had any activity in a long while, allowing them to free up storage by either deleting or archiving these groups via the new Group Export feature.

Regain data storage space with the ability to export groups

When company administrators need to free up storage in their SAP Jam instance, they can now export these groups to free up storage. Once a company administrator identifies groups that are consuming a lot of storage which are no longer being used, the export feature preserves the state of the group at export time. This allows companies to remain compliant with various rules and laws concerning data retention.

This feature is only available to company administrators, although it is exposed in the SAP Jam user interface via the Group Admin menu within each group. To enable this option in Group Admin menus, the company administrator must first turn on Content Administration mode, which ensures that such activity is thoroughly monitored and reported in the activity logs.

We hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements to SAP Jam with this release. To stay up to date with all the latest happenings for SAP Jam and other SAP Social Software products, please follow us on Twitter @SAPsocial.