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SAP HANA cockpit SP 13 is now available for download in the SAP Software Download Center.  In this new release, SAP HANA database administrators can take advantage of new functionality in the areas of administration and monitoring, performance management tools, security, backup and recovery, and the SAP HANA database explorer.

A 90-minute webcast and live demonstration of the new features is scheduled for Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT / 5:00 PM CEST – to attend this session, please click here to register.

Here is a summary of the new functionality:

Administration and Monitoring

  • CPU, memory, and network information are now displayed in the Database Information page.

  • You can set individual statement limits and total aggregated statement limits for global limits in the Workload Class application.

  • Usability improvements to the Table Group Advisor and Table Group Advisor Preview apps.

  • Monitor persistent memory and TMPFS usage

  • In the Memory Paging Monitor, you can now filter tables based on load unit, review more information on the amount of data stored in delta memory, and sort tables according to the delta memory.

Performance Management Tools

  • Notification when a replay stopped processing, allowing you to investigate why that happened.

  • You can now select a customized time range to replay.

  • In the SQL Plan application, you can now see a detail page of a query with a historical chart of abstract SQL plans and choose to enable them.

  • Plan Trace is now publicly available so that any user can access traced queries without special privileges.


  • The Role Assignment application now shows you all the roles a user has been assigned, not only those assigned directly to the user but also those assigned indirectly through inheritance.

  • You can now open the Role Assignment application directly in the Users application.

  • In the Privilege Assignment app, when assigning object privileges to a user or role, you can now select multiple objects of the same type and assign the same privileges to all selected objects.

  • When creating audit policies, you can now specify a retention period when you choose Database Table with Retention as the audit trail target.

  • If the audit trail is Database table, it is now possible to download audit entries to a CSV file.

Backup and Recovery

  • You now have the option to create compressed backups.

  • By analyzing available backups and the log area, it is possible to verify that SAP HANA can be recovered to a specific point in time.

  • You have the option to recover an SAP HANA tenant database through its system database, using a complete data backup only.

SAP HANA Database Explorer

  • You can now use a filter to quickly find a database and can create database groups to better organize databases.

  • Multiple usability enhancements have been made to enhance working with, finding, and viewing diagnostic files.

  • ESRI shapefiles are now a supported option in the data import wizard.

  • In the messages tab of the SQL Console, resource consumption metrics (peak memory consumed, CPU time, prepare time, and execute time) are displayed.

For more information about the SAP HANA cockpit, please consult the SAP HANA cockpit documentation in the SAP HANA Help Portal.  Enjoy this new version of the SAP HANA cockpit in your day-to-day SAP HANA administration and monitoring activities!