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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This blog series complements SAP HANA 2.0, An Introduction published by SAP Press.

As the goal of the book is to provide an introduction, we could not spend as much time and pages on each and every topic as we wished at times. Although we cover the new features introduced with each support package stack (SPS), for more detailed information we include this reference.

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What's New - Release Information

Every new support package stack (SPS) release - on an annual cycle since SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02 (2017)  - comes with its own theme. We have had the Business Data Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise (SPS 03), The Next Generation Platform for Digital Transformation (SPS 02), and for SPS 04 the theme is Intelligence, Agility, Efficiency.

For the story, read the news articles or the overview blog post by Jörg Latza from SAP HANA product management.

For a listing, see the What's New section on the SAP HANA product page with links to more detailed information about database enhancements, advanced analytics, application development, and data management.

With each release, there is also a series of webinars where the different product managers provide an overview for the different topic areas: administration and monitoring, data center operations, data tiering, security, application development, modeling, data warehousing, etc.

SAP News Center

SAP Community (Product Information)

Product Management Webinar Series


What's New - Release Documentation

For more detailed information about what's new and changed for the different domains, we can consult the documentation. There is a section for each of the guides: Installation and Update, Security, Planning and Design, Administration, etc.

Although tightly integrated with SAP HANA, the SAP HANA cockpit is on its own release cycle and has a dedicated product section on the SAP Help Portal. Support Pack (SP) 10 was released with SPS 04.

SAP Help Portal (Documentation)

SAP Note (Support)

For the latest and most technical information about the software and the documentation, there are SAP Note(s) published on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad site. There is a release note for the platform and for each of the components (database, client, XS advanced, etc.) In addition, here we also find release information about specific new features like persistent memory, and information about updates and migration, deprecations, etc.

A valid SAP support account (S-user) is required to access the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. For more information, visit


Software Downloads

Software Download is also provided by the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Here we find both the complete SPS download as the latest revision downloads for each of the components. Related info points to the release notes.

The shortcut URL of its predecessor, the Software Download Center or SWDC still provides a convenient way to access Software Downloads:

Another easy way to directly access the software is through the SAP Software Download Center tab of the Product Availability Matrix (PAM). This also points to the release notes and the documentation. make sure to bookmark this resource.

Software Downloads

Product Availability Matrix (PAM)


Complete Support Package Stack release (14 GB)

Latest revision of each component, e.g. revision 48 for IMDB Server (4 GB)

Learn More

Training and Certification

To learn more about SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04, visit SAP Training on and filter on SAP HANA. There are courses that provide an introduction (HA100), focus on installation and administration (HA200) or more specific topics like modeling (HA300) and advanced modeling (HA301).

The training path shows the courses to take for certification. For more information about certification, see the blog posts:

Learning Journey

Another convenient way to map out your training path are the Learning Journeys published on the SAP Help Portal. There are different journeys for different products and next to the courses from SAP training, we also find openSAP courses and other relevant material included:


SAP Community

As you are reading the blog post on the community, you are probably already aware of this but in case you came to this page through search, there is also a dedicated topic are on the SAP Community listing all relevant content and the latest blogs and Q&A's.



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