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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In the last months, you have seen a lot of blogs here on new features for SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, how you could use them and how they support you in creating your own workflows. For me, as a product manager in this area, it was exciting how several community members were picking up the topic and wrote about their own experiences - thanks a lot!

And of course, we will move on and provide this information in further blogs and especially looking forward to the information shared by you here. Nevertheless, my colleagues and I thought it would be a good idea to directly present and discuss some recent additions with you.

Therefore, I am very happy to invite you to the webinar "What's new in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow?" where our Chief Product Owner Christian Loos will show you the latest developments and explain in which use cases they support you best.

Just to raise the curtain a little bit, let me share with you some of the items, Christian and I will introduce to you:

  • Intermediate Message Events, to pause the execution of a workflow and wait for an incoming message. Just think of updating several system of records and let the workflow wait to ensure it just moves one, once all updates are done.

  • Also it is now possible to use Intermediate Timer Events to pause the workflow for a specific period of time.

  • In case you want to check the execution of a task within a specific timeframe, you can use Boundary Timer Events which will trigger actions once the duration has been reached.

  • Not forget to mention all the enhancements in the APIs and the connection to SAP API Business Hub to directly the available APIs there.

  • Just recently also a new task type has been introduced: the Mail Taskwhich can be directly configured to send mails to several recipients.

  • For all of you looking for more information during the monitoring of workflows, it is now also possible to see the workflow context as an administrator in the Monitoring Workflow App

So, please feel free to register for this very informative webinar, take the chance to get some deeper insights, but please also give us the chance to learn from you via your feedback in the session:

What's new in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Looking forward talking to you soon.

After the webinar I will also share some of the key highlights in my next blog and provide you a link to the recording, in case you could not join.

In case you haven't heard too much about SAP Cloud Platform Workflow so far, please take a look at our latest video on YouTube. Or if you want to learn more, please use our Leaning Journey.