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Missed out on the start into our 2017 quarterly webinar series on What's New in SAP Cloud Platform Integration?

Watch the Recording  and acess the link to the presentation What’s New in SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Update from the Labs Q1/2017

... or read my summary below:


We started into the first quarter of 2017 with lots of news in store.

Many of you know our solution under the old product name SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI). In February this year SAP announced the rebranding of it's cloud platform - and consequently our integration service is now called SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

The background of the name change for SAP's cloud platform and it's services is explained in this excellent blog here by SAP Mentor Matthias Steiner.

Make sure look out for related product information & news under this new product name!


Integration continues to be a key priority for many teams across SAP, not just us here in the technology area.

In our webinar we highlighted  two of the new cosulting and support offerings:

  • SAP Enterprise Support Academy and SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council offer expert planning session on how customers can best design their hybrid IT Roadmap.

If you are an Enterprise Support or Preferred Care customer and interested in joining the remote workshops, check out this blog.

  • The second service offering was from SAP Solution Delivery Center regarding the migration support from Dell Boomi to SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

If you are interested to do such a migration poject reach out to


Watch out for the cool, new look & feel of our Reference Content Catalog!


In previous webinars we had already demoed a variety of application integration scenarios, from SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers to SAP Ariba.

This time we had a look at a Concur Expense to SAP Financials integration senario that we deployed via SAP Process Orchestration.


Our next topic - presented by our guest speaker Harald Pietrus - was the SAP Pharma Network powered by SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

The underlying business scenario is the following: Drug counterfeiting is a global issue and can seriously impact health. Governments now require pharmaceutical supply chain members to uniquely identify products on an item level, that is consumer-size packages.

The SAP Pharma Network is an innovative cloud service that allows pharmaceutical partners to exchange tracking information. Rules, message orchestration, message content, and derived processes can be quite different, depending on the country-specific legislation covering serialization, and the SAP Pharma Network takes these complexities into account.

It is an on-demand solution - owned and managed by SAP - that connects pharmaceutical organizations and supply chain partners on a secure network.

  • Eases the communication of traceability data between all supply chain participants

  • Build a network based on SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • Supports various integration capabilities, such as content-based routing and mapping, as well as a various connectivity options

  • Allow data exchange on a volume scale


For more detailed information visit the SAP Help Documentation


Last but not least my colleague Meghna Shishodiya shared her in-depth knowdlege and best practice recommendations on how to work with

→Good news is that is not possible to connect multiple Cloud Connectors to one SAP Cloud Platform/SAP Cloud Platform  Integration account!

  • Data Store


As always , there where quite some many, very good questions  from the audience that we would like to post here:

Q: How is the SAP Cloud Connector better then Web dispatcher?
A: Cloud connector offers a secure channel for corporate networks from our cloud to a customer’s network. This channel is opened from the corporate network. Webdispatcher is a load balancer, which is typically used within corporate networks to distribute the load over individual nodes or to hide multiple systems behind a single host address.
Q: Can we use SAP Cloud Connector for non-SAP systems for example to connect Salesfore etc?
A: No, you cannot connect to non-SAP cloud applications using the SAP Cloud Connector. However, if you have non-SAP on-premise applications in your landscape, you can reach them too via the Cloud Connector. Just choose the non-SAP system when adding an access control entry.
Q: If we need to connect from C4C to an on-premise system, should we use web dispatcher or SAP Cloud Connector?
A: Web-dispatcher and SAP Cloud Connector are not competing products. They are both meant for different purposes. Infact, the Webdispatcher is configured as an internal host. In the webdispatcher you would only configure something special in case you need trust for principal propagation. In all other cases, SCC would be simply just another client.
Q: During Get operation if we don’t have an entry ID we receive in Error how to handle this?
A: Put the Get operation in a sub-process and handle the exception in its exception sub-process – finally return to the main process for the rest of the processing. You could also perform a Select operation instead and check the results for the entry you are looking for.
Q: Does the Cloud connector work without HCI too?
A:The SAP Cloud Connector can work with other applications and services on the SAP Cloud Platform as long as they support it. If your question is about other middlewares, then no.
Q: Can we access the data store from a Script (Groovy / Java)?
A:, this is not possible and we do not want to expose it due to the complicated transaction handling.
Q: Exception block got the flow if there is no message for Get data store operation - what I meant is I want to return it to the main flow.
A: Use the Get operation in a sub-process.
Q: We are using Webdispatcher in production live system but with SAP Cloud Connector introduced recently. Should we change to SAP Cloud Connector - is there anything missing in the current Webdispatcher?
A:You will not be able to use the secure cloud-onPremise connectivity. Also, you do not have to switch. Setups are typically done with both SAP Cloud Connector and Webdispatcher
Q: You mentioned the Boomi to HCI migration. Is there a way to switch from boomi with successfactors to HCI for existing customers? No integration szenarios configured so far. Whom can contact, what does it cost just to change the integration platform?

A: Please reach out to your regional DealsDesk on swap options.
Q:Please share the latest eclipse version used for HCI.
A:Always check this at As of today, the recommended versions are:
a. Eclipse Neon 4.6
b. Eclipse Mars 4.5
Q: Is it planned to have the SAP Cloud Connector for outbound communication (outbound from on-premise)?
A: No, we do not feel this is required. When you are sending a request from on-premise to the cloud, you do not need to open up any ports as you are sending the message. Hence we do not see any risks. However, if you feel this is important, kindly write back with the perceived risks.


Missed out on our previous webinars? No worries – watch the recordings or access the offline presentations here .