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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center allows you to quickly launch your projects and accelerate your innovations. In the Discovery Centeryou will be inspired by use cases and guided from project initiation to solution implementation inside structured missions. Missions feature best practices, a cost estimator, the most beneficial resources, a list of required platform services, and expert support, to enable you with step-by-step guidance from pilot to go-live. 

New Season Brings New Features and New Missions 

To improve productivity, consolidate vital content, and connect networks, I am happy to announce that the Discovery Center has recently been enhanced with three key features and several valuable missions.  

New Features

Customer Stories and References  

While exploring SAP Cloud Platform use cases, previous customer experience and success can provide powerful insightsinspiration, and build trust. For these reasons, we have expanded Discovery Center missions to include relevant customer stories. This expansion consolidates vibrant content for discovering a solution’s business value and potential. 
Map-Based Filtering 

The Discovery Center service catalog is home to an extensive list of SAP Cloud Platform services. To quickly find the appropriate services available through specific data centers and regions, the service catalog offers map-based filtering. Users now have the ability to search for services based on data center locations or a self-selected region.

SAP Community Integration 

For assistance, missions offer two types of collaboration – expert support and the newly integrated SAP Community. As I write this blog post, the Community welcomes 28 million members and contains some of the most current, engaging, and informative SAP user-generated content. To connect Discovery Center users with this powerful resource and network, missions now provide the ability to view related questions asked in the Communitycommunity topic pages (i.e. SAP Cloud Platform), and an ‘Ask in SAP Community’ feature. Questions posted to the Community are automatically provided with the relevant Community tags and the answers will be conveniently viewable in the Discovery Center ‘Support’ tab.

New Missions 

Automate ticket handling with Service Ticket Intelligence 

Experience how Service Ticket Intelligence supports companies to handle larger volumes of service interactions by providing automatic ticket classification and routing the ticket to the right agent. Furthermore, the agent is provided with recommended solutions to improve operational efficiency. Companies can improve their response time, lower cost and reduce repetitive tasks. As a result, Service Ticket Intelligence boosts the productivity of employees and increases customer satisfaction. 
Automate data extraction from business documents with AI and Intelligent RPA 

Extracting PDFs and structuring the data it contains can be tedious work, especially when there are hundreds of files to process. This mission will guide you through how it is possible to combine SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and the SAP AI Business Service - Document Information Extraction to automate the processing of PDF documents. 
Send electronic invoices via the Peppol Network 

As a business operating in countries such as, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden you are expected to exchange electronic invoices via the Peppol Network. The corresponding requirements could be from within the public sector or private business partners. This mission will assist you with the implementation of Peppol scenarios for SAP Document Compliance, cloud edition to automate that process. 
Send electronic invoices via the Peppol Network in Germany 

As a supplier of public entities in Germany, you are expected to send electronic invoices from the 27th of November 2020, for example via the inbound invoicing platform of the German Federal State (ZRE). To do so, you can implement the Peppol scenario of SAP Document Compliance, cloud edition for Germany to automate this process. This mission will guide you through the appropriate steps. 
Setup for SAP S/4HANA side-by-side UI Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform 

The focus of this mission is to show the full end-to-end setup for an SAP S/4HANA on-premise extension on SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry) this includes the following steps:  

  • Setup of the S/4HANA on-premise system 

  • Setup of the SAP Cloud Platform account and development environment 

  • End-to-End Connection setup with Principal Propagation (SSO) 

  • DevOps - using SAP Cloud Continuous Integration & Delivery and monitoring  

You will create a simple custom UI application, show the usage of the HTML5 repository and the different options for how to expose this application - as a stand-alone or with the different SAP Launchpad environments. As a result, you should have a complete landscape setup, which could be used for other S/4HANA side-by-side extensions. 

What’s Next? 

Check out these new missions and features for yourself! Explore the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center, browse the mission and service catalogs and start your first mission, Getting Started on SAP Cloud Platform.