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There is an update for the Android version of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile. The version number is 6.3 and it was released on November 20, 2017.

Please refer the PAM for details on Platform Support, Mobile OS Version Support etc.

This release brings in support for Lumira 2.0 documents i.e. Lumira 2.0 Discovery documents and Lumira 2.0 Designer documents on Android tablets.

Lumira 2.0 Designer documents are supported on Android phones too.

So, what features of Lumira 2.0 are supported on SAP BI mobile Android version 6.3?

The answer is, ‘All features’ i.e. you will be able to view and explore Lumira 2.0 documents on Android tablets in the similar manner as you would be able to on your desktop. This eases the burden on the report designer as he or she would need to design the report only once, to be consumed both on desktop and mobile. One point to be aware of is that, it’s always best to use the responsive layout to design reports for optimal viewing on tablet devices.

Below are a list of key functionalities possible while accessing Lumira 2.0 Discovery documents on Android tablets;

  • Support for Filtering and Ranking capabilities.

  • Support for Input controls.

  • Refresh with prompts.

  • Navigate between pages of the Lumira story or directly jump to a page of your interest.

We have added SAP BI URL support for Lumira 2.0 documents. With SAP BI URL functionality, one can generate direct links for accessing Lumira 2.0 documents. Users who have access to this link can open the Lumira 2.0 document after passing through relevant authorizations.

Another major point to note with this release is that SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Android version is now GDPR compliant. Right from data access and data control to data security, all are being handled in the new release of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile.

Here are certain key enhancements with respect to GDPR:

  • Encrypted communication connection

  • Enforced authentication for all non-public resources with Mobi

  • SMP data vault for all security needs of the application

  • Keeping the user better informed on personal data usage and asking for consent to capture data wherever necessary.

Kindly note, this is just a small list of how Mobi has become GDPR compliant. There are many key features that have gone under the hood to make the app more secure.

We have also upgraded SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) to SMP 3.0 SP14.

SAP Lumira 1.29 and SAP Lumira 1.3x documents will not be listed in SAP BI Mobile Android release 6.3. These documents need to be migrated to Lumira 2.0 Discovery document format before they can be accessible on Android tablets.

Mobi SDK release for Android is also a part of this release and can be downloaded from SAP Market Place.

For more information on SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for Android, refer the detailed product documentation available on the SAP Help Portal.