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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI 6.4 is now available in Apple App Store for download.

As part of 6.4 release, there are two main themes being introduced:

1) Providing native iOS experience for SAP Lumira

2) Offline support for SAP Lumira

Supported Platform:

    • SAP Lumira server for BI Platform 1.31 (LS4BIP) (for all new features)
    • Supported with SAP Lumira server for BI Platform 1.30 onwards (no offline, only native Lumira experience)
    • iPAD 3 and above with minimum 1 GB RAM
    • iOS 8 and 9 onwards
    • With 1.30 LS4BIP, no download of Lumira stories supported
    • With 1.31 LS4BIP, user can download Lumira stories for offline access
    • By default, it will open Lumira stories with native charting experience, user can change the default document view setting, in mobile server client properties for HTML OR Native
    • LS4BIP 1.29 is supported however user won’t be able to use the new functionalities introduced in 6.4
    • Lumira Stories created using supported datasources (Excel, CSV, Text, Freehand SQL, SAP BW, HANA Offline, Universe .unx and .unv) can be viewed both online and offline
    • Documents created using HANA Online and Apache Hadoop as data source is not supported

Engaging Native iOS Lumira Online experience - Access your existing SAP Lumira stories on iPAD without any additional effort with engaging native iOS experience

Charts supported: Bar, Column, Pie, Cross Tab charts, Numeric Point chart, Bubble chart, Line Chart

Interact with your Lumira stories with various interactive mobile friendly gestures like Tap, Double Tap, Pinch/Zoom, Long Press, Swipe to Exclude, Swipe on axis to sort, drill-in and drill-out by long press etc.

In-built ‘Interaction Guide’ is shown while opening the Lumira story for the first time, also it can be accessed afterwards from the application settings at any point for a quick reference to the product gestures.

You can apply filter, input controls, access Open doc URL, refresh your Lumira stories with or without prompts, access ‘Refresh on Open’ stories

Being able to navigate between pages and / or visualizations through the stack view, by swiping through them or using the page scrubber at the bottom

Being able to annotate and share with colleagues

Lumira Offline Experience - Being able to download and interact with limited* Lumira stories in an offline mode

Pre-req: SAP BI application 6.4 and Lumira Server for BIP 1.31 (with the Mobile component deployed)

Charts supported: Bar, Column, Pie, Cross Tab charts, Numeric charts, Bubble chart, Line Chart – Same as online

User can navigate between visualizations, drill up and down, apply filters (viz as well as page level filter), sort, input control, search on filters, etc. on stories in an offline mode

Various interactive mobile friendly gestures as in case of online access is supported for offline access ex. Tap, Double Tap, Pinch/Zoom, Long Press, Swipe to Exclude, Swipe on axis to sort, drill-in and drill-out by long press etc.

User can set maximum document size to be downloaded

Few Limitations:

  • Accessing Lumira through SDK is not supported in 6.4
  • Portrait mode is not supported in 6.4
  • Documents created using HANA Online and Hadoop as data sources not supported
  • Standard Lumira color pallet is supported
  • ESRI map, Animation for Bubble, Trellis for all charts not supported
  • If there is a reference line on the chart, the reference line is not displayed

Lumira Offline:

In addition to the above limitations, offline access has additional limitations as below:

  • Lumira Stories with Prompts or Refresh-on-open or created with HANA Online DataSource will not have the ‘download’ option.
  • Visualizations in Lumira Stories containing one or more features like Blending, Ranking, Counter, JoinedQuery, Time Interpolation, Prediction, Calculated Measures/ Dimensions, Formula Expressions, will display an error message, mentioning that these features are not supported in offline.
  • Refresh operation of a Lumira Story in offline is not supported. User has to remove the document and re-download for refreshed data.

Other Enhancements:

Improved performance for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio (DS) documents - Preloading DS static controls in the background upon launching of the application, for better first time rendering of DS documents.

For more details, refer to the product documents as part of the release.