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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Greetings, Builders! We are pleased to bring you the latest feature releases for SAP Build Apps. 

Release highlights: 

  • Android builds 

  • Sample data to test your application 

  • Import data into VCF entities 

  • New learning journey for SAP Build Apps

  • Guided experience

Android Builds

Building native mobile apps for Android is now available in SAP Build Apps. You can use the build service to create apps in APK or AAB formats. For more details about supported devices, build configuration, and Android distribution, see the Android builds documentation.

Note: iOS Builds are currently in progress and will be available in an upcoming release. 

Sample Data to test your application 

Sample Data is a powerful feature designed to streamline your testing and debugging workflows by providing a means to generate and use mock data in any data resource. The primary purpose of Sample Data is to enable developers to quickly and easily generate and use mock data for testing and debugging purposes. This feature helps you: 

  1. Speed up the development process by reducing the need to wait for actual data from external sources. 

  2. Ensure that your application logic and UI components work as expected with a wide range of data inputs. 

  3. Protect sensitive data by avoiding the need to use real data for testing and debugging purposes.

Furthermore, using sample data doesn't require any modifications to the existing app logic, since it temporarily overrides all real data in preview. Currently, you can view the app with the sample data enabled via web app preview. It is planned to introduce sample data for mobile preview in an upcoming release

Sample data can be edited and shared with everyone who has access to the project, acting as a single source of truth for your team. When using the app in preview mode, any modifications to the sample data will only be visible to the user. To get started, see the Sample Data documentation.

Import data into VCF entities 

The data import feature allows you to input large assets of data from an Excel file into your visual cloud functions entities without having to manually type in every entry. You can also use the download empty template feature to get an auto-generated template that uses data fields present in the entity. See the data import documentation.  

📚 New Build Apps Learning Journey 

The newest learning journey for SAP Build Apps is now available: Develop apps with SAP Build Apps using drag-and-drop simplicity. 

This learning journey is significantly shorter than our previous courses, giving citizen and professional developers a deep dive into Build Apps in under six hours. By the end of the course, you’ll create advanced apps that consume SAP backend data as well as data models to hold extended data for SAP extensions. 

Start the new learning journey. 

Guided Experience

A guided experience provides an opportunity for new users to interact directly with a product and acquire knowledge by being led step-by-step through important processes and essential functionalities. Users receive clear instructions on what actions to perform and which areas to navigate, accompanied by detailed explanations and descriptions for each step and feature.

In this guided experience, there are two exercises that will lead you to create your first two applications: Business Partner Application with S/4HANA and Job Requisition Application with Success Factors.

Try out the guided experience.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts and experiences with the new features! You can always reach out to our team in the community for help with getting started.

👉 For the full list of releases, see the documentation: What’s New for SAP Build Apps