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Curious to know more about the latest features introduced in SAP AppGyver?

This blog post covers them in a summarized manner, read along and add value to your AppGyver projects with these exciting features.


SAP AppGyver is a no-code solution part of SAP BTP! Please refer to this tutorial to kick start your Low-code/No-code journey!

I have been working on Appgyver since the day it got acquired by SAP and I must admit that this tool becomes powerful to a greater extent with every release. Many features are on the future release pipeline and we all are excited about it, check out the product roadmap to know more.

Let's explore the latest development in AppGyver together -

Feature 1: Collaboration capability 

Starting with the most awaited feature – Project sharing between teams!

Yes, we can finally now collaborate on a single AppGyver project and this is how it can be done –

Launch the SAP AppGyver App from BTP and land in the LCNC lobby. Click on "..." for the project you want to collaborate on or share.

Appgyver project share option in BTP LCNC lobby

You can manage the access as well with the help of these options while sharing. Every option will give different rights to the users and this makes sharing and collaboration super easy.

AppGyver project sharing with rights

Feature 2: Release Management

Another exciting feature I noticed recently is version control in the Appgyver project – we can use release management to create different releases like development, testing, and production. The advantage of using releases is known to all such as separate branches used for production and also easy rollback with tracking.

This is how you can do that for any AppGyver project-

Open the launch tab of the app in Composer Pro editor

Launch tab - Composer Pro

Open the "release" section and click on "opt-in release management"

Release Management

Once the release management is opted-in, you would be able to see different releases like development, testing, and production with the versions available for each.

Options to see different releases available

Now, let's build another version of the app and see how we can pick up a specific release to build.

Build Service

Configure Project

Enter the name and proceed


Select the type


Enter the details and build


Build the project

Once the build is done, check the release management tab. You can see the release in production mode or you can also promote the release from testing to production. And can also create new releases as per the requirement.

Release Management

Since we are talking about the latest features and changes in AppGyver, here is the new look and feel of the marketplace which is introduced in the latest release. Read this documentation to know more.


This brings us to the end of my blog post and before I conclude, I also want to mention about BTP Authentication and Integration feature which came out a few months back and is a very important step up for all SAP integration. Check out the documentation to know more.

Hopefully, this blog provided a good overview of the latest developments in the SAP AppGyver project, all these features are enabling us to do more innovative things.

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion in the comments section. Happy exploring to all!