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SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution for business intelligence (BI), augmented and predictive analytics, and enterprise planning with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It helps everyone in your organization make fast, confident decisions.  

This blog post introduces the features of the SAP Analytics Cloud 2022.11 release available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack customers. For SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) customers, this release and its features will be available as part of the QRC Q3 2022 release. View the QRC release schedule here. 

System Administration and Technical Requirements


Although not required, you may upgrade to the latest SAP Analytics Cloud agent version 1.0.351 to take advantage of all data acquisition types. 

The agent's minimum version remains at 1.0.75, with the following exceptions: 

  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP/SQL Database 

  • Version 1.0.91 for SAP Universe (UNX) 

  • Version 1.0.233 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW) 

  • Version 1.0.235 for SAP HANA View 

  • Version 1.0.248 for File Server 

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites. 


Release Highlights

  • Augmented Analytics - Smart Assist

  • Data Integration 

  • Enterprise Planning 

  • Dashboard & Story Design 


Augmented Analytics 

Smart Discovery supports measures with exception aggregation types AVG, MIN and MAX as targets and explanatory variables. 

You can now run Smart Discovery for measures associated with the "average," "minimum," and "maximum" exception aggregation types. These measures are included in the Smart Discovery analysis and can be selected as Key Influencers. 

Users will now be able to run Smart Discovery against a measure with exception aggregations AVG, MIN or MAX. 

Users can now obtain measures with exception aggregation types AVG, MIN or MAX as explanatory variables for any target because they will be included in the analysis for Smart Discovery. 


Data Integration 

IBP DA – Support Staging Views 

Users can now Import Key Figure data from IBP into SAC, which would result in a significant performance improvement (60%) by switching to server-side paging for data consistency and improved performance during data acquisition within IBP. 

Also, users can now create a new IBP query to be used inside a model and experience a faster import time, and run import job refreshes (scheduled or manual) and experience a quicker import time. 

Enterprise Planning 

In the data action monitor panel, you can now find information about individual data action steps, such as the status, execution time, and the number of data records affected. 

New Features that were added in this release are: 

  • Data action steps information including: 

  • Execution order 

  • The number of records affected 

  • Duration 

  • Execution status (successful, failed, …) 

  • Hierarchical structure for embedded data actions. 

  • Flexible and responsive layouts. 

This will allow users to find more detailed information about data action steps after triggering data actions. 


Dashboard & Story Design 

Optimized Design Experience – new feature updates 

Optimized Design Experience now supports the following: 

  • Planning Enabled Models (includes Classic Account, New Model Type, and BPC Live) 

  • Planning Workflows (includes Data Locking, Planning Trigger, Version Management, and so on) 

  • New Model Type (Model with Multiple Accounts) supports:  

    • Measure Input Control  

    • Account-Based Filters (New Feature) 

  • Static Image  

  • Improved Version Handling in Charts: 

    • Ability to Delete the Default Version Filter 

    • There are multiple ways to satisfy the version condition: 

      • Add the Version Dimension to the Visualization 

      • Select a Single-Valued Filter on Version (Local, Page, or Story) 


Builder Panel Terminology Alignment  

The terminology in Chart Builder Panel has been updated in the Optimized Design Experience for data models with an Account Dimension. 

Model Type  Classic Design Experience  Optimized Design Experience 
Classic Account Model 


Cross Calculation 


Cross Calculation 
Model with Multiple Accounts 




Model with Multiple Measures 


Cross Calculation 


Cross Calculation 
Acquired Analytic or Live Model 


Cross Calculation 


Cross Calculation 


Please note that the measures in the Model with Multiple Account Dimensions (New Model Type) are identical to Cross Calculations for all other data models. 



This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Analytics Cloud. You can find more details on these features in your In-App Help Guide for FastTrack customers, and see this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you'd like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases.  

If you have any questions, you can comment below or post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum. Visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, etc. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud. 

See you next time!