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Hello SAP Community colleagues!

This blog introduces the newly re-designed Currency Rates Table within SAP Analytics Cloud, available for our Cloud Foundry customers from QRC Q3 2023.


The re-design brings the Currency Rates Table up to date with the general look and feel of other areas within SAP Analytics Cloud, improves performance due to the use of new Currency Data APIs and lays the groundwork to allow the import of currency data from a wider range of SAP products and 3rd party tools.

Note: Exchange rates seen in sample screenshots are sample rates only and do not reflect actual values.

The 3 main areas of focus are:

  1. Toolbar Redesign

Figure 1: New Currency Rate Table Toolbar Layout

  1. Column Sequence Redesign

Figure 2: New Currency Rate Table Column Layout

  1. New Add Missing Rates Dialog

Figure 3: Add Missing Rates Search Dialog

Let's first take a closer look at the newly re-designed toolbar.

  1. Toolbar Redesign

Figure 5: Toolbar Sections

The toolbar contains a new Workspace area, similar to the Workspace area that is available in the modeler. Within the Workspace dropdown menu, modelers can select from either the Conversion Table or Conversion Errors log.

The General section contains the Save and Table Preference buttons.

Several features are available within the Edit section.  These includes

  • Add Row, which adds a new row to the grid.

  • Add Missing Rates opens a new dialog to allow users to search for missing rates. This feature is outlined in further detail within the New Add Missing Rates Dialog section below.

  • Undo and Redo features remove or redo tasks.

  • Copy button copies single or multiple rows.

  • Delete button can now delete single or multiple rows, where previously, this feature was limited to deletion of one row at a time.

Next, let’s investigate the new column sequence re-design on the grid.

  1. Column Sequence Redesign

Figure 6: Column Sequence Showing Required and Non-Required Fields

In the Grid, modelers can experience a new column sequence layout.  This is divided into a required fields section, including Source Currency, Target Currency, Valid From and Exchange Rate, delineated with a line, followed by non-required fields that include Category, Rate Version and Rate Type.  Each column contains a sort and filter option.

Figure 7: Filter Option on Grid

Figure 8: Sort Option on Grid

Finally, let’s look at the new Add Missing Rates dialog feature.

  1. New Add Missing Rates Dialog

The Edit section contains a new Add Missing Rates dialog.  This opens a Search dialog that must be populated with the Source Model, Base Measure, Target Currency and Valid From date.

Figure 9: Add Missing Rates Search Dialog

The Next button opens the Preview dialog, where missing rates can be reviewed before being added to the table.

Figure 10: Add Missing Rates Preview Dialog

The Add button adds missing rates to the table.  Modelers can enter exchange rates for the newly added rates and then save their model.  A scrollbar caters for the preview of large numbers of missing currency rates.


A newly re-designed Currency Rates Table within SAP Analytics Cloud is available for our Cloud Foundry customers from QRC Q3 2023.  This includes an enhanced toolbar, featuring Undo and Redo, multiple row deletion, a new grid layout and a new Add Missing Rates dialog.

There are more great features to come from Model Calculations in QRC Q4 2023, so watch this space!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum.

See this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you’d like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases.

For further information, visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, and more. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud.  Thanks for reading!