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Have you tried the SAP Analytics Cloud 3rd party content from our SAP partners yet?

Currently we have around 40 business content for different Industries and LoB’s from 32 partners.

Partners provide the teaser content which is made available for free download from SAC Content library and once the customers like the content they can buy the full version of the content from the respective SAP App Center solutions. SAP App Center is a market place for SAP solutions or extensions from our partner ecosystem from where the customers can discover, try, buy and experience the solutions.

In this blog I will introduce you to the latest SAC business content which is delivered by our partners in the latest SAC release.

  1. Akili: Retail Solution

This is the content for the retail clients. Customers can move out of excel and get into multi-dimensional environment that allows the users to quickly, accurately and easily plan top down and bottom up approaches. The most valuable tool being the script for the comparable store analysis. Some of the functionalities which are provided as part of the content are Account Formulas, Charts, Value Driver Tree, Allocation, Data Actions, etc.

SAP App Center solution link – Akili Retail solution

       2. Vaspp: Ideal Supplier Identification


This content gives an overview to customers on procurement cost, savings, raw materials quantities and cost, delivery and risk management info for all the suppliers who are involved in the procurement process. The main objective of the Ideal supplier identification is to reduce the overall cost of procurement, delight customers and automation of supplier identification.

Some of the KPI’s or measure includes Average cost of Purchase order based on Supplier, Average cost of raw material by Supplier, Revenue loss due to defects by Supplier, Profit per Supplier, Suppliers availability, Quantity ordered vs Quantity received, Delivery time of Suppliers, Defect Rate of goods by Suppliers, Customers response and so on.

SAP App Center solution link – Ideal Supplier Identification on SAC


       3. Blueprint: People Science

This package contains the analysis of Employee data from Success Factors which covers some of the important aspects like Head Count, Promotions, Hiring delays, Utilization, Termination and so on.

The Success Factors components included are Employee Central, Recruitment, Time and Attendance, Succession and Development.

SAP App Center solution link: People Science


       4. Maihiro: CRM to Go for SAP Analytics Cloud

This content Analysis is based on SAP Sales Cloud which enables performance reports for various Sales units. This story provide and industry agnostic analysis and forecast reports with enabled drill-down feature based on maintained opportunity.

Some of the KPI’s included are Sales volume per Sales Organization, Sales value per Product Category, Sales value per Customer segment, Sales reporting per region, Sales reporting based on Sales representatives.

SAP App Center solution link: CRM to Go for SAP Analytics Cloud


       5. FIT: Pipeline Reporting Portfolio

This business content helps the customers to reach the sales goals. With the information available customers can navigate the company thoroughly and adjust the sales data accordingly.

It covers the Sales phase and customer vs prospect information, Sales information, Sales details, product details. The data is based on SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Analytics and Google Documents connections.

SAP App Center solution link: SAC: Pipeline Reporting


       6. Intellect Bizware: ZoomIn Sales Analytics

This content allows upload of secondary data using simple formats and leverages the SAC for visualization and pulling primary sales data from SAP S4HANA and ECC systems.

Some of the KPI’s which are included as part of the content are comparing primary and secondary sales trend, analyzing top performing regions, analyzing primary sales by top N business area, region, category, distribution channels, Analyze distributor sales by location using geo maps, brand, and so on.

SAP App Center solution link: Zoomin Sales Analytics


       7. NTT Data: IT Infrastructure Monitoring

This package analyzes the various parameters recorded by Solman and SAP systems. This dashboard helps the business users to take further actions based on KPIs like User Management, Resource Management, Change Management and Application Management.

Some of the key indicators in the content are number of users by category, group, type, CPU, memory, disk and File share utilizations, charm requests status and the applications running on the platform.

 SAP App Center solution link: IT Infrastructure Monitoring


       8. Itelligence India: It.Analytics CXO Dashboard

This content packages gives a unified view on various Manufacturing KPI’s that helps to take accurate decisions. To effectively measure, analyze and improve Manufacturing process here are some of the KPI’s: Increasing Responsiveness , improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing inventory, increasing profitability, etc.

SAP App Center solution link: it.Analytics CXO Dashboard


       9. Sierra: Contract and Lease Management Analytics for SAP HANA

This content provides and automated CLM Analytics and disclosure reporting in-order to ease the audit and statutory reporting. It is no more required for hectic report preparation and reconciliation.

Some of the KPI’s included are Contract start and end dates, payments, monthly rents, ROU assets, Weighted average, Balance sheet and Cash flow and so on.

SAP App Center solution link: Contract and Lease Management Analytics for SAP HANA


       10. Aqoia: Alcohol and Beverages Transformation

This Analytics package analyzes the Alcohol and Beverages data with curated ThroughTime data providing and innovative high ROI payback solution. Detailed insights of many dimensions are available focusing on Brand and Customer performance. Also Brand investigation analysis is provided which compares different customers into their Cost to Serve, Discounts received and impact on their profitability.

SAP App Center solution link: Intelligent Analytics | Digital Edge


       11. Visual Crossing: Location Analysis

This is an updated version of content which was released last year by Visual Crossing for location analysis. The latest version helps the customers analyze their business landscape using Map based Visual Crossing designer which helps to create powerful location-allocation model for the business locations.

It also helps in finding the best locations to newly grow a business, identifying under-performing locations and also visualize where the competitors are stealing customers.

SAP App Center solution link: Location Analysis on SAP Analytics Cloud


So what are you waiting for? Customers can go and download any of the content packages to get started with SAP Analytics Cloud very easily.

If you are interested to participate in the next waves of content release kindly reach out to me.

Thank you.