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Dear SAP Community, 

In this edition of our quarterly What’s New blog, we are happy to introduce the latest features that were released for SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad in Q4 2022. 

SAP AI Core is SAP’s runtime for heavy-load AI. It allows you to train and deploy your AI models cost-efficiently at scale. Make your choice from a broad range of storage, CPU and GPU service plans and benefit from auto scaling and accelerated performance with GPU support. 

SAP AI Launchpad is the central application to access and manage your AI use cases. Connect to multiple runtimes, such as SAP AI Core, and streamline the AI lifecycle management of your use cases. Leverage SAP AI Launchpad to monitor your models and continuously improve their performance. 



Free Tier

We are very excited that SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad are now available in SAP BTP free tier! 🎉 You can leverage the capabilities of SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad for free and start building your productive AI use cases on SAP BTP. Once you require more resources for your running AI use cases, SAP BTP free tier allows you to easily upgrade to paid service plans while maintaining the work you have already done. Learn more in our blog.

In our Q3 edition, we shared that you can use some of the SAP AI Business Services together with SAP AI Launchpad. Using the free tier of both SAP AI Launchpad and the SAP AI Business Services, you can connect one of the services to SAP AI Launchpad and train and deploy your custom models for free with the convenience of an UI. Get started with this blog.


Support for Azure Blob Storage

SAP AI Core now supports Azure Blob Storage in addition to the existing object stores SAP HANA Cloud, data lake, AWS S3 and Alibaba Cloud OSS. You can use the new object stores to store and access artifacts, including datasets, models, and others, during trainings and deployments.

Help: Register Your Object Store Secret

Deployment time-to-live

With time-to-live for deployments, you can define the duration that your deployment will run. The duration can be specified from hours to weeks while creating a deployment both via the API of SAP AI Core as well as SAP AI Launchpad. With this new feature, you can achieve cost savings by freeing up resources through scheduling of deployment durations.

Help: Deploy Models


SAP AI Launchpad

New features for SAP AI Core administration

The integration of SAP AI Launchpad and SAP AI Core is better than ever! You can now manage resource groups and object store secrets from SAP AI Launchpad so that you can flexibly choose between using the API or using the UI according to your preferences.

Resource groups are used to isolate workloads and resources for specific AI scenarios. SAP AI Launchpad now enables you to create, edit, and delete resource groups in your instance of SAP AI Core.

Similarly, you can manage the object store secrets for your instance of SAP AI Core within SAP AI Launchpad. Object store secrets are required to connect to your object store of choice, such as the newly added Azure Blob Storage, and access and store artifacts, such as datasets and models, during trainings and deployments.

Help: Manage Resource Groups | Help: Manage Object Store Secrets

Artifact registration

You can now register artifacts, including datasets and models, that are stored in your connected object store using SAP AI Launchpad. Using the guided workflow, this enables you to be more productive as you can perform all required steps within SAP AI Launchpad.

Help: Register a Dataset | Help: Register a Model

Additional deployment details

You can now see additional details for your running deployments on SAP AI Core. More specifically, you can view details about the autoscaling of your deployment, including minimum and maximum replicas and number of replicas currently in use. This will help you better understand the performance of your deployment and how many resources it currently consumes. In addition, you can see the resource plan that you chose for the deployment.

This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad. You can find more details on these features in the SAP Help Portal and the respective pages for SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad.

If you have any questions, you can comment below or post a question with the SAP AI Core or SAP AI Launchpad tag and check the blog posts about SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad.

Also check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features.

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