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In this blog post, we'll introduce the new new features and UX enhancements for OData CSDL modeler version 1.0.3.

What's new in OData CSDL modeler 1.0.3

In my previous blog post at An introduction to OData CSDL Modeler for Visual Studio Code we introduced a new graphical modeler tool called OData CSDL modeler for VSCODE environment that provides OData developers a graphical UI to view OData CSDL document. With the latest release of CSDL modeler version 1.0.3, the user can navigate to different entity types by clicking the corresponding entity types or entity sets on the property sheet, and also navigate among the properties by clicking the corresponding properties in the entity type as well.

After installation of the OData CSDL modeler from VSCODE marketplace, open the CSDL document using the modeler:

And you will see the entity types in this CSDL modeler showing on the property sheet. And you can click the entity set and the canvas will automatically move the focus to the corresponding entity type:

You will see the entity set definitions on the property sheet as well:

And if you click the entity set on the property sheet, the canvas will move the focus to the corresponding entity type:

If you click any entity type in the canvas, the property sheet will show the details of the entity including all its properties. If you click a property, the corresponding property will be highlighted on the canvas:

And you will also be able to navigate back to the previous canvas state by clicking the "Back" button on the tool bar:


In the blog post, we introduce the UX enhancements for OData CSDL modeler 1.0.3. With these new UX enhancements, the OData developers can better use the modeler and understand more easily about the OData CSDL structure in the VSCODE environment