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This week at the International Utilities Conference in Berlin we show and discuss recent innovations, here is a quick summary for you from our mobile workshop and other sessions.

Mobile becomes simpler

Using mobile apps made everything simpler for the end user. Have a look at the current Fiori portfolio, including the new FI-CA scenarios and see what SAP has in store for transactional, analytical and fact sheets for all kinds of use cases. The responsive Fiori design also became a new UI standard. When we renovated our industry customer self service apps, we included a Fiori type app that runs in any browser, on any device and soon in May we plan to ship native apps built on MCF for those who want to offer the full native app experience and deploy via stores.

But is does not stop there. Developing, deploying and securing mobile apps became so much easier. For example, have a look at the SAP Web IDE, this is the new name for a couple of tools that allow you to quickly build apps. Here is a 15min video: SAP Web IDE

Work Manager is better than ever

Our most successful mobile solution in the industry got a number of enhancements. We opened the app at runtime with what we call Open UI, other apps can be embedded or integrated on the mobile device. Out of the box we deliver a GIS geospatial integration. Now the user can not only see the order location, we also show other orders and equipment that are near, right in the app. There is also now a seamless integration with SAP 3D visual enterprise to show schematics, both in 3D and 2D. We also added crew management, IS-U periodic meter reading and disconnection / reconnection enhancements and improved the usability overall. Make sure you check this out, the Work Manager is the most industry relevant and industry specific solution for any type of asset management and field service scenarios.

Mobile goes cloud

The mobile platform evolved further, our HANA platform in the cloud now has mobile services, called HCPms. That means we now have a common code base in SMP for on premise and in HCPms for cloud. How cool is that? Even if you have started on premise, you can move much easier to the cloud. Mobile Secure powered by HANA is now offered as a fully cloud based solution for app management, app security, device and content management.

The future is already here

Now let’s clarify what we have available today and where we are. Fiori apps run on smart watches and the augmented reality solution for a field service technician is part of the standard, it is a companion of the mobile work manager and allows the field worker to go hands free while the actual work is performed, refer to SAP AR Field Service Technician.

Here is a quick self-assessment for you: If you are reading this on your smart watch, you are fine, phone or tablet is acceptable. If you read this on a desktop, get your equipment checked or transported to the museum. If you are reading this on paper, call the doctor.