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As a last, waves of improvements for Focused Insigths, discover the SP13 updates.

This is it!


Launchpad: Add Favorites to Launchpad.

In the page settings, it is possible to add a flag for marking the page as favourite. When a page is added as favourites, it is available as the top most page in the side panel. (i.e Sorted in the order)


to add a favorites, just mark it as favorite in the page setup wizard. This will automatically add it the the top left panel.

The order is set by first selected, first top.


Launchpad : Page Setup : Filter Improvements

In the launchpad page setup, we improved the setup experience by providing a helper in the page selection. This means instead of providing simply an ID, you can now see to what dashboard correspond the ID, by displaying its title.

When clicking the the field, it will display a dashboard selector, which is able to search on name and on umber of dashboards. It displays all types of dashboard.


OCC Queries Selection (no Jumps)

In the tool bar(header), WE add a drop down for the legends. On select of a particular legend, only the values for the selected legend are displayed. This allows to display only the selected legend for better viewing experience and drill-down.

The existing jump-in functions are not impacted by this change.

OCC dashboard with two exact same gadgets:


From the selector, you can select one query:

It will display for the selected gadget, only the query whitout modifying the display of the other dashboards or launch any refresh.

Supported renderers for this features are:

Dual bar
Dual line
Dual line column
Line Column
Line chart
Stack bar
Stack column

No supported renderers for this features are:

Alert table
Dynamic table
Dynamic table paging
HTML renderer
SLR renderer
SLR Table renderer
Table History Renderer
Trend Table Renderer
Water fall chart
Stack column chart 2 label


OCC: Improvement of DP_Security

With the DP_Security Provider, we bring some new function:

This is now possible to merge value from different compliance status from a report: “Compliant”, “Non Compliant”, “Not Found” or “Not Valuated”.

This is done by selecting the value, and then the display result automatically add them.


We can also drilldown the result, by SAP system, (if there is more than one in the report)

There is a new tab "Drilldown" available for that;



More information there:


That’s all on our new features.

To make sure you don’t miss the next feature articles, follow the tag Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.




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