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New release, new features for Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

SP12 release brings a couple of new features and some correction fixes.

Let's go !

Launchpad : Navigation in the same window

This is a revolution in the behavior of the launchpad, instead of opening a new window, when clicking on a tile, we stay in the same.

This allows now to better use the concept of pages, by keeping the context and stay in the subset of applications.


You may decide anyway to open a new window, to do this, select the tile and click on the menu to top right:


OCC: Enhancement of the HTML Renderer

This is an eagerly awaited feature, no needs to edit a DB Table with HTML Code, this is now to directly write and display html content, with a WYSIYG approach.

With SP12, this now possible to write and display complex HTML content to enhance and document your dashboards.


This even may include image/table/title.

The html content is linked to a query, many content, may be displayed by gadget.

and it is delivered with an simple html editor, accessible from the query.


OCC: Tree map Renderer

This is also a feature which was long time waited, a Tree Map renderer is now available for the OCC dashboards.

This feature supports:

  • Group of metrics

  • Threshold color

  • Jump-in


For this renderer, the size of the square is based, on the weight of the value to display.

In the following screen shot:

1, You can define grouping, it will group queries together and mix the value in a group of squares

2, you define jump-in for one query, and this support all types

3, you define the thresholds, to adapt the color of the square. by default, a panel of blue color is used.




OCC: Time shift support

Time shift of a query now support all resolution (hour, day, week, month and year)

The configuration of the shift is linked on the resolution of the gadget.

In the following example, there is a shift of -6 hours, on the based query.


That’s all on our new features.

To make sure you don’t miss the next feature articles, follow the tag Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager.



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