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Our engineering team is working intensively on Edge Integration Cell, but nevertheless we have released important innovations for SAP Integration Suite and the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. Some of them you might have seen already during our Monthly Updates webinar late September.

September highlights are:

  • API revisions for API proxies in API Management

  • Reminder: Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors

  • Additional regions for the deployment initiation of SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh

  • SAP Build content and new section “Domains” on SAP Business Accelerator Hub

  • New partner content on SAP Business Accelerator Hub

API Management

API revisions for API proxies

API revisions are available since late August already, but I don’t want to miss that we have demoed this new functionality in our last Monthly Updates webinar. Watch the demo, read the blog post SAP API Management: APIs and Revisions for more details, or study the nice API revision illustration.

Cloud Integration

Reminder: Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors

As per SAP note 3001980 the following previous adapter versions are deprecated since end of 2020: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM. There haven't been any new features or enhancements for these previous adapter versions. As of January 1st, 2024, the previous adapter versions will no longer run.

Action is required from customer side. Please either migrate to updated new adapter versions and benefit from new features (request access to migration documentation by or purchase new Advantco adapter versions from Advantco with support from Advantco only. Additionally, you must delete integration flows using the adapters that are no longer in use and undeploy the adapters.

Advanced Event Mesh

Additional regions for deployment initiation: Europe, Asia, and the Americas

We are happy to tell you that you may trigger the subscription of SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh from SAP BTP data centers in your region and your hyper cloud provider. This allows you to operate your broker services and perform administrative functions for managing your event-driven architecture. Explore all supported deployment regions.

SAP Business Accelerator Hub

SAP Build content and new section “Domains”

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our SAP Business Accelerator Hub, designed to enhance your experience and provide even greater value. Now content as pre-built business processes, task automation, and application templates for SAP Build Process Automation and SAP Build Apps are offered. You can find the new accelerators in a new section called Domains where you can explore related but different content types as integration flows or adapters under Integrations and the new SAP Build content under SAP Build.

Recap that we have a new URL to the same website. Use to access all our high quality, enterprise grade, pre-built business accelerators and bookmark for explore easily the SAP Build content. Refer to the blogpost.

New partner content

New pre-built integration content has been published by our partners such as the integration of Icertis Contract Intelligence with SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central with Workforce Software solutions or SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking with 3rd-party clock vendors, integration of SAP Cloud ALM with chat-based solutions ChatGPT and Microsoft Office MSTeams, or integrations of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE solutions with SAP S/4HANA. For more details read the blogpost New partner content on SAP Business Accelerator Hub (Q3 ’23) and access the partner listing on SAP Business Accelerator Hub that is going along with all published content. In case you are interested in partnering with us see the details of our partner program.

How to stay tuned on recent and upcoming innovations?

The SAP Road Map Explorer is your one-stop shop for all SAP Integration Suite innovations. You can easily check out the latest innovations and follow what is planned for the following quarters. All recent innovations also cover under the tab Features further links to blogposts or documentation.

We also refer to the complete list of new releases in our documentation: What’s New in SAP Integration Suite.

And if you have not heard of our monthly webinars, I suggest you sign up to get an invitation to the upcoming ones. Our team of Product Management experts host these webinars to showcase the latest and greatest updates regarding all SAP Integration Suite capabilities. The webinars are hosted on the last Tuesday of every month and the next one is already scheduled for October 31st.

In case you have missed our last monthly webinar, don’t worry. Visit 2023 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Integration Suite for all recordings, presentations, and Q&As.