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We are pleased to bring you the latest innovations for SAP Integration Suite that we have also presented during our Monthly Updates webinar last week.

July highlights are:

  • Graph to expose business data in a single, unified API

  • Inspect database resources in Cloud Integration

  • Import function libraries, message types and data types to support our SAP PI/PO customers

  • Type system extensions in Trading Partner Management

  • Mass actions in Trading Partner Management

  • Standard APIs for Integration Assessment and extension of guiding content by supporting SAP  Customer Experience portfolio


API Management incl. Graph

Graph to expose business data in a single, unified API

Graph has been released for general availability as part of API Management within SAP Integration Suite. With the new Graph functionality, integration developers can shape an out-of-the-box data graph of SAP-managed data and create custom model extensions. The resulting business data graph hides complexity by providing an abstraction layer. It is accessible via a single easy-to-use API using OData v4 or GraphQL. Applications developers benefit from secure, selective, and abstracted access to the enterprise data. You can refer the blogpost for more details.

Other links to refer:


Cloud Integration

Import function libraries, message types and data types

To support our legacy SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration customers move to our cloud solution SAP Integration Suite, the team is working on achieving use case parity from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite. As a result, customers can now also import function library objects which contain reusable user defined functions (UDFs) from Enterprise Service Repository to SAP Integration Suite improving the reuse of message mappings. Read more in the blogpost SAP Integration Suite – Import PI/PO Function Library into Cloud Integration. In addition, there is also the possibility to upload message types and data types from the SAP  ES Repository. Message types can be used as source or target messages in message mappings. Please refer Working with function libraries and Working with data types and message types for further information. For current limitations, please visit Import function library from ES Repository that will be addressed in future releases.

Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors

As per SAP note 3001980 the following previous adapter versions are deprecated since end of 2020: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM. There haven't been any new features or enhancements for these previous adapter versions. As of January 1st, 2024, the previous adapter versions will no longer run.

Action is required from customer side. Please either migrate to updated new adapter versions and benefit from new features (request access to migration documentation by or purchase new Advantco adapter versions from Advantco with support from Advantco only. Additionally, you must delete integration flows using the adapters that are no longer in use and undeploy the adapters.

Inspect database resources

We have mentioned already in SAP Integration Suite Monthly Webinar Update Highlights – June’23 that we have the new section Inspect in SAP Integration Suite that helps you in inspecting and analyzing the overall tenant resources. If you are interested in a demo watch What’s New at SAP BTP – YouTube Live session and read also the excellent blogpost inspecting and understanding resource consumption of your integration content.

B2B Integration

SAP S/4HANA Cloud SOAP type system (version 2302)

For Integration Advisor we have added the type system SAP S/4HANA Cloud SOAP in version 2302 offering further definitions for building MIGs and MAGs for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Check out the blogpost Integration Advisor – New version 2302 for S/4HANA Cloud SOAP messages for detailed information.

We released also updates in the Trading Partner Management. The type system GS1 XML is now also supported by TPM and can be used in trading partner agreements.

Mass actions

Further you find now a tab called Cross Actions in Trading Partner Management for interactively performing mass actions and save time:

  • Import or export artifacts as trading partner or trading partner agreements in a bulk along with references to MIGs and MAGs to move them e.g. from a dev tenant to a prod tenant.

  • Updating MIGs and MAGs in a mass action. If you have MIGs/MAGs with updates and referenced in your agreements, you can select in which trading partner agreements the MAGs should get updated at once and avoid having to making time-consuming single updates.

  • Activation or deactivation of a set of agreements can be done in a mass step without opening each agreement separately.

Integration Assessment

ISA-M documentation

The Integration Assessment capability we have introduced last year helps you with a systematic and guided approach to define, document, and govern your enterprise integration strategy. It is based on the SAP Integration Solutions Advisory Methodology (ISA-M). In the past we had offered a lengthy PPT slide deck that covered all explanations along with templates. To make it easier for you to consume we just released a well-structured documentation for the conceptual explanation with option to get an overview or to dive into the details of a specific topic. Customers have the option to choose a templates-based and/or a tool-based approach using the Integration Assessment capability with SAP Integration Suite. The documentation is also linking to this set of templates. Read the blogpost for more information.

Standard APIs

We have released a broad set of public APIs for the Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite. These OData APIs allow you to maintain ISA-M settings, landscape information, retrieve reports of assessments including business solution and interface requests and decisions. Check out the API reference details at SAP Business Acceleration Hub.

Guiding content

We have expanded the existing guiding content and now also cover the SAP Customer Experience solution portfolio. This means that it is possible now to select solutions from the SAP CX solution portfolio and to receive suitable integration technology recommendations based on the specified integration requirements.

Check out the first edition of the new What’s New in SAP BTP - YouTube live session to get an overview on the new Integration Assessment innovations and see them in action.

How to stay tuned on recent and upcoming innovations?

The SAP Road Map Explorer is your one-stop shop for all SAP Integration Suite innovations. You can easily check out the latest innovations and follow what is planned for the following quarters. All recent innovations also cover under the tab Features further links to blogposts or documentation.

We also refer to the complete list of new releases in our documentation: What’s New in SAP Integration Suite.

And if you have not heard of our webinar on Monthly Updates for SAP Integration Suite, I suggest you sign up to get an invitation to the upcoming ones. Our team of Product Management experts host these webinars to showcase the latest and greatest updates regarding all SAP Integration Suite capabilities. The webinars are hosted on the last Tuesday of every month.

In case you have missed our last monthly webinar, don’t worry. Visit 2023 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Integration Suite for all recordings, presentations, and Q&As.