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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
August and a vacation break for most of us are already over and we want to present you the latest innovations but also guides that we have released for SAP Integration Suite. Most of them you might have seen already during our Monthly Updates webinar last week.

Updates are:

  • API revisions for API proxies

  • Single sign-on using OpenID Connect

  • Inspect the usage of the monitoring database

  • New integration flow design guidelines for Exactly Once

  • Support for migration for older SAP Process Orchestration versions

  • Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors

  • Migrate a MIG to a similar message type with a different root node

  • Complex N:1 date time conversion for MAGs

  • New version of the Cloud Connector

  • New URL for SAP Business Accelerator Hub

API Management

API revisions for API proxies

Multiple compatible revisions of API proxy definitions, policies, and resources can now be maintained. You can create and deploy new revisions, examine the revision history, and even revert an API proxy to a previous state without causing any disruption to the deployed API. Refer to the blog post SAP API Management: APIs and Revisions for more details or study the API revision illustration. Note that this feature is available both on SAP Integration Suite and SAP API Management.

Single sign-on using OpenID Connect

A new step-by-step guide is available that guides you in setting up SSO via the SAP Cloud Identity Services (SAP IAS) that acts as a proxy to corporate identity providers, namely Azure AD and Okta based on Open ID Connect (OIDC) federation capabilities. The detailed guide is available as a blog post in our SAP Community, and is illustrated using API business hub enterprise as the target SaaS application.

Cloud Integration

Inspect the usage of the monitoring database

We have mentioned already in SAP Integration Suite Monthly Webinar Update Highlights – June’23 that we have the new powerful Inspect feature that empowers you to analyze the resources utilized by your integration flows. We had provided already data points to check the utilization of database resources as connections, data store, and transactions. Now we have extended them with the monitoring storage. At runtime MPLs are written for each integration flow to this particular storage and you are now able to oversee the top integration flows and take action to improve the quality by leveraging linked integration flow design guidelines.
To understand the new, Inspect feature refer to the blogpost Inspecting and understanding resource consumption of your integration content.

New integration flow design guidelines for Exactly Once

We have shipped six new design guidelines in the area of Exactly Once (EO) delivery as we have received feedback from customers struggling to set up the configuration for scenarios where IDoc messages are sent from Cloud Integration to SAP backend systems. You find also an overview Special Use Cases: SAP RM vs XI vs IDoc  with the configuration steps that are required to guarantee EO delivery for special use cases where the receiver protocol supports idempotency focusing on SAP RM, XI, and IDoc. Read the blog post Exactly Once setup for IDoc and XI receivers.

Support for migration for older SAP Process Orchestration versions

You can now migrate Integrated Configuration Objects (ICO) from SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 and 7.40 versions to SAP Integration Suite. The update is available for template-based migration tooling in Cloud Integration and will come soon for the Migration Assessment tooling as well. For supported service pack see What Is Migration Tooling?

Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors

As per SAP note 3001980 the following previous adapter versions are deprecated since end of 2020: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM. There haven't been any new features or enhancements for these previous adapter versions. As of January 1st, 2024, the previous adapter versions will no longer run.

Action is required from customer side. Please either migrate to updated new adapter versions and benefit from new features (request access to migration documentation by or purchase new Advantco adapter versions from Advantco with support from Advantco only. Additionally, you must delete integration flows using the adapters that are no longer in use and undeploy the adapters.

B2B Integration

Migrate a MIG to a similar message type with a different root node

With migration of message implementation guidelines (MIG), you can seamlessly create and migrate MIGs to a different type system version to meet your business requirements. This feature has now a new addition where you can migrate a MIG from one message definition to another similar message definition of the same type system even if the root node is different. This reduces manual efforts when creating a new MIG that is similar to an existing MIG. For more information see our Migrating a message implementation guideline.

Complex N:1 date time conversion for MAGs

The Integration Advisor capability supports now complex date and time conversions. You may choose more than one source date or time filed for the mapping to a target date / time field. Also conversions of time zones are possible. This increment decreases the implementation times of mappings tremendously. Refer to our documentation.

New version of the Cloud Connector

We have released a new version of the Cloud Connector with interesting new features. It can run additionally on Oracle Linux 9 and macOS aarch64. For ABAP Cloud systems we have added the support for secure network connection SNC. As login we have added client certificate to the options via user/pwd and LDAP. Enhancements are also available in the area of monitoring and audit log. Check out the blogpost Next release of the Cloud Connector is available: 2.16.0 for more information.

New URL for SAP Business Accelerator Hub

SAP Business Accelerator Hub is now accessible through a new, generic, and simple URL This is the first step towards accommodating the wide range of content types in addition to integrations and APIs. The older URL will continue to be supported.

How to stay tuned on recent and upcoming innovations?

The SAP Road Map Explorer is your one-stop shop for all SAP Integration Suite innovations. You can easily check out the latest innovations and follow what is planned for the following quarters. All recent innovations also cover under the tab Features further links to blogposts or documentation.

We also refer to the complete list of new releases in our documentation: What’s New in SAP Integration Suite.

And if you have not heard of our monthly webinars, I suggest you sign up to get an invitation to the upcoming ones. Our team of Product Management experts host these webinars to showcase the latest and greatest updates regarding all SAP Integration Suite capabilities. The webinars are hosted on the last Tuesday of every month and the next one is already scheduled for September 26th.

In case you have missed our last monthly webinar, don’t worry. Visit 2023 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Integration Suite for all recordings, presentations, and Q&As.