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Information Excellence is Essential to Digital Business.

“Data is at the core of digital transformation. Data without integrity will not be able to support digital transformation initiatives.”
– Stewart Bond, IDC, January 2016

At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference there will be a wealth of sessions dedicated to how enterprise information management supports digital transformation and drives business value. If you want to be successful with digital business have a look at the following and plan your agenda at the show to include some of these great EIM sessions.


Session Title

Session Abstract

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls' Journey with SAP HANA Smart Data Integration

Get an overview of the information management capabilities of the SAP HANA platform. Discover why Johnson Controls decided to use SAP HANA smart data integration and hear about the various use cases it chose to implement with it. Take away some critical lessons learned so that you can leverage them in your own future projects.

Cardinal Health

Accelerate Self-Service Data Preparation with SAP Agile Data Preparation

In current data analytics, predictive, and information management, we end up spending 80 percent of our time gathering data and only 20 percent of our time analyzing it. Learn through Cardinal Health's recent exploration of SAP Agile Data Preparation as they explore how this SAP technology will enable them to flip those percentages.

Johnson & Johnson

Top Most-Common Data Governance Challenges in the Digital Economy

Today's increasing emphasis on differentiation in the digital economy further complicates the data governance challenge. Learn about today’s common challenges and about the new adaptations that are required to support the digital era. Avoid the pitfalls and follow along on Johnson & Johnson’s journey.

Organic Valley

The Role of Strong Data Governance in Pursuit of Supply Chain Excellence

Organic Valley is undergoing a supply chain optimization program that encompasses many key applications and processes. This program is critical for scaling up capacity while reducing inefficiencies. How does strong data governance ensure success? How have tools from SAP supported Organic Valley's progress toward data-driven decision making?


How SaskPower Uses Native SAP Software to Energize Archiving and Compliance

The SaskPower team shares this case study of how it leveraged standard data archiving software from SAP as well as DART and OpenText Archive Server storage for successful implementation, with help from partner Auritas. Learn how unique utility requirements, retention compliance, and tax-audit goals were achieved.

Cardinal Health

A Cure for Unhealthy Data, with SAP Solutions for EIM and SAP Master Data Governance, in Healthcare

Cardinal Health relies heavily on healthy, trusted data to run its operations. Cardinal’s customers demand a high degree of confidence that the data they send and receive is captured and maintained accurately. Cardinal harnessed the power of SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Master Data Governance for data migration and governance.

Johnson Controls

Legacy to Open Analytics: Bridging the Data Gap in Big Data

Learn how Johnson Controls prepares, integrates, and transforms core business data for meaningful consumption into open and Big Data platforms using SAP Data Services. Besides this, the scope expands to extract data out of Hadoop and also transforms data within Hadoop across Hive tables and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) files.

The Coca-Cola Company

Business Value Framework for Data Management

This session will present a practical approach and framework for assessing, articulating, and stewarding the business value of master data, data management, and data governance to any function or level within your organization.

Johnson Controls

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Global Information Governance

Learn about information governance in a high-velocity enterprise. See how Johnson Controls Inc. deployed SAP solutions for enterprise information management, SAP HANA software, and Hadoop as its data management foundation. Hear how the company better supports its global application landscape, enterprise analytics, and mergers and acquisitions.

Florida Crystals Corporation

The Florida Crystals Corporation Journey in Master Data

Growth by acquisition created the need to migrate existing and acquired plants into a common ERP system. A central master data management (CMDM) department was created in 2003. The next evolution of the journey for Florida Crystals Corporation will be to implement SAP Master Data Governance 8.0 on SAP HANA for vendor domain, planned for the first and second quarters of 2016.


Transforming and Accelerating Plant Operations with SAP and OpenText

As the world’s largest independent refiner, Valero Energy Corporation recongnized the need to digital transformation and, along with that, quickly realized the importance of eliminating silos of information and cumbersome paper-based processes. Hear how, by partnering with SAP and OpenText, Valero has completed its digital transformation.

Johnsonville Sausage

How Johnsonville Sausage Implemented SAP Extended ECM by OpenText

The Johnsonville Sausage team shares how the company implemented the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) application by OpenText and migrated IBM Content Manager from an earlier solution to meet its changing imaging, document, and data storage needs, all with help from its partner, Auritas.

Nextera Energy

Integrating Data Volume Management and Information Lifecycle Management

Nextera Energy, a major provider of clean energy, relies on SAP solutions to manage business functions in financials, human resources, supply chain, and more. ERP system growth, managed cost control, and regulatory requirements are constant motivations behind the company’s investment in solutions from SAP that support data volume management and information lifecycle management.

Session Type

Session Title

Session Abstract

Pre-Conference Seminar

Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA – The Ultimate Transformation Guide

More than 2,300 customers have already chosen SAP S/4HANA, creating a strong momentum in the market. SAP’s next-generation Business Suite, built specifically for SAP HANA, is SAP’s biggest innovation since SAP R/3. SAP S/4HANA is a modular suite of applications, delivered in the cloud and on premise, that delivers the full power of SAP HANA for real-time business processes.

Once you’ve made the decision to move to SAP S/4HANA, or even if you are still just considering it, you need to understand the challenges and opportunities you will face in moving to the solution. As with any major software implementation, performing this migration effectively and correctly is a major task, but it is essential to get the most from SAP S/4HANA and ensure that you will realize the full benefit from the solution.

This session will explain how to mitigate risk and get the most out of your SAP S/4HANA implementation by finding the right transformation path. Whether you want to convert your existing SAP system into SAP S/4HANA or start with a fresh system featuring clean, valid, business-ready data, we provide guidance and best practices. This session will walk you through the prerequisites, basic preparation steps, and the transformation process.

Pre-Conference Seminar

End-to-End SAP HANA Overview

Interested in learning about SAP HANA? Feeling overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of SAP HANA? Not sure where to start? Come join the SAP HANA Product Management team for a full-day Pre-Conference Seminar to get a primer on SAP HANA. We will provide an end-to-end overview of SAP HANA technologies, highlighting the must-have information for you to be SAP HANA ready and get you oriented for deeper dive sessions in the main conference. Various SAP HANA Product Management team members will provide coverage across the many topic areas and will be on hand to answer your queries.


Getting the Most from SAP Solutions for Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Confused about SAP solutions for EIM? Where do they overlap, where do they complement, and what tools should you use to meet your needs? In this session, we will give you invaluable insight into the totality of the SAP solutions for EIM and give you the information to know which tools to deploy for your needs and use cases.

Panel Discussion

Learn How to Use the Free ASUG Demo Service of SAP Systems

Try software with no hardware or software installs. Your options include the SAP Information Lifecycle Management component used with OpenText solutions, SAP HANA, and the SAP Extended Warehouse Management application. The SAP S/4HANA suite is also in the works. See how Big Data performance is improved and in-memory costs reduced with data archiving, retention management, and data expiration. Reduce the legal and compliance risks of "over retaining" Big Data. Get answers to your information lifecycle questions from real-life experiences, and be able to test at your own pace. Demo this from your location on any browser in a cloud platform.


Data Management for SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA

In this session, we provide an overview of how data aging helps you optimize the data footprint for newly developed applications running on the SAP HANA platform, such as the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution. We also discuss how data aging complements other data management technologies, such as data archiving and the SAP Information Lifecycle Management component for use in retention management.


ASUG Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Community Meet-Up

ASUG Annual Conference attendees are invited to the ASUG Hub to network with others within their Community. Spend an hour meeting Community Volunteers, connecting with ASUG staff, and forging new relationships within your Community. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the new ASUG EIM Community and how to leverage the user group along your SAP software journey.


Roundtable: Information Governance 2.0

Planning on taking advantage of the digital economy? Come hear what SAP and customers are doing about transforming business into real-time decision making with accurate and trusted content. See how SAP customers are setting themselves up for success and get a glimpse of what SAP’s thoughts are for the next level of information governance.


Interactive ASUG Influence: Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Please join fellow users in an ASUG and SAP interactive influence session where you will be able to provide feedback and ideas to SAP. Participate in the influence experience face-to-face using Design Thinking methodologies. No prior involvement with Influence is required to participate. ASUG has an active and engaged group of customers who have been participating in our EIM Influence Council since its inception, with a prime focus on SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Master Data Governance. In this session, we will promote the council and have an interactive session to explore EIM collaboration and innovation.


Establish Best Practices for Managing Enterprise Information

Build trust in the data that your organization relies on for analytics. Learn about the methods and best practices for delivering high-quality, trusted data, such as virtualization, replication, streaming, and extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). Explore the role of metadata and semantics as well as profiling and cleansing.


Establish Best Practices for Enterprise Information Management

Bolster information excellence across the organization. Learn about best practices for data and content migration when you implement SAP S/4HANA software. Find out how to keep your data clean after going live, how to integrate and share information across business networks, and how to establish governance across the entire information lifecycle.


Road Map: SAP Master Data Governance

Learn about the road map defining how solutions for enterprise master data management from SAP will provide support for the business process efficiency, trusted business analytics, and emerging needs of your digital transformation. Understand the strategic direction for SAP Master Data Governance and get a preview of planned innovations.


Road Map: SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward

SAP continues to invest in market-leading enterprise information management products, SAP Data Services, and SAP Information Steward. The session will present recent innovations in supporting Big Data, simplifying user experiences, and enhancing enterprise capabilities. Road maps for these products will also be presented.


Gain Master Data Excellence in Asset-Intensive Industries

Manage the complexity of master data throughout the asset lifecycle, from design through retirement. See how to centrally govern maintenance, repair, and overhaul data to help ensure quality. Learn how to increase productivity, maximize return on assets, and establish auditable records to improve compliance.


Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Digital Business

Make sure the data you use is trusted and ready for action. See how SAP solutions for enterprise information management help you integrate, improve, and manage all your information. Improve insight, operational efficiency, and business innovation with a data foundation you can trust.


Simplify Data Integration and Cleansing

Improve your data-provisioning process and increase productivity. Learn about SAP HANA smart data integration and SAP HANA smart data quality software. Find out how they can be used to integrate, filter, transform, cleanse, and enrich data from multiple sources into SAP HANA software, without the need for a separate ETL or replication stage.


Accelerate Analytics for Everyone with Self-Service Data Preparation

Empower business analysts and data scientists to perform data acquisition, cleansing, and preparation, and own business outcomes. See how the SAP Agile Data Preparation application helps you deliver self-service business intelligence to everyone by more easily bringing any data into any analytics tool, including SAP Lumira software.


Simplify Governance of the Article Master for Retailers

Optimize processes for managing article master data in satellite data systems and achieve accurate data. Reduce he complexity of governing the article master and decrease operational costs with the ready-to-use governance functionality of the SAP Master Data Governance application, retail and fashion management extension by Utopia.


See How an End-to-End Digital Invoice-to-Pay Process Works

Reduce invoice-to-pay errors at the source, and transition transactional execution into a state-of-the-art process. Discover how the SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText integrated with the Ariba Network can accomplish this transition, while optimizing early payment discounts and working capital management through economies of scale.


Automate Transactions and Processes with Financial Shared Services

Transform accounts payable activities into a shared service. See how transactional execution can evolve into an efficient-to-consume shared service using SAP Shared Service Framework software, the SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText, and Ariba Network solutions.